Lookbook: Modern Gypsy

Happy Monday my loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I personally had quite a stressful and exciting week last week, which I will address later on my blog in another blog post.

I have a pretty busy February ahead, I figured that I should give you all a heads up just in case I go quiet again. I’m currently in Durban to see my parents and for the first time in 2 years I’ll be spending 2 whole, consecutive weeks with my family! I’m extremely excited about that because if you’ve been following my blog and social media for some time, you will know that I only take leave if and when I plan an overseas trip. Then on Valentines Day I’ll be flying over to Cape Town to meet E where he has a surprise planned for us that day. 😀 Yes I am literally saying “eeeeeeeeeeeeeek” as I type this and I have goosebumps all over because last year for Valentines Day, I remember saying that I wished that I could fly to Cape Town for that day and eat at my favourite restaurant – Nobu. This is a dream come true this year and I shall update everyone when it comes. Then I’ll be staying in Cape Town till 23rd Feb, then I’ll be making my way back home, to JHB.

During that time I’m away I’ll try squeeze in as many posts as I can and just give everyone a quick update on what I’m up to. Which reminds me, I’m still to do a quick post on the past weekend in Cape Town. We didn’t take the camera, which is a bummer but I still managed to capture some photos with my phone (oh well!).

I’m absolutely in love with this sheer, lacey, floral kaftan cross cardi… It’s so feminine and versatile. Hope you enjoy the photos!












Let me know what you think of this outfit!

What I’m wearing: 

Vest from Mango

Leggings from Cotton On

Kaftan from Forever 21

Sandals from ALDO

Michael Kors handbag

Necklace from Forever New

Earrings from boutique in Hong Kong

Vivienne Westwood sunnies

With love…xxx

Lookbook: A day at the office

Hello lovelies! Since this week is the official week where most people return to work, I thought it would only be fit to do a post relating to work (if you are working that is). 🙂 Sometimes office wear can be rather boring or monotonous because you care less and you end up sticking to the greys, blacks and whites, I’m personally guilty of that! A day at the office doesn’t always have to be boring grey, black and white though, I’ve put together an outfit appropriate for work or a formal dinner. I’ve incorporated the boring 3/4 suit pants, cream blouse and nude peep toes and I made it a little more glam with some accessories that I picked up from Forever New (you can’t go wrong there). Being in legal, people tend to be more conservative in office wear because we have to look the part and look “professional” (whatever that means really). If you’re not quite ready to step out your comfort zone or it’s your first day of work and you’re looking for some inspiration then look no further! 🙂

I absolutely love this cream blouse that I got from H&M in Hong Kong, I love that it’s so comfortable and loose, which means I can pair it up in so many ways! Look out for a casual outfit with the same blouse!











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What I’m wearing:

Blouse from H&M 

3/4 Suit Pants from Forever New 

Shoes from Aldo 

Necklace from Forever New

With love…xxx

Lookbook: Casual Stripes

Hi everyone! Boy am I happy to be back in Joburg, the week that we were in Durban, the weather was so miserable. The only hot day was on Xmas itself and it was gloomy and grey for the rest of the time we were there. Our packed beach towels and swimming gear was not used at all. I absolutely love the weather here in Joburg, it’s hot during the day and as the sun descends, we get an hour or so of thunderstorms and showers. Not only is there a perfect balance but it’s so beautiful during sunset when there are thick, fluffy clouds rolling in.

I paired up something casual for this look post, you know I like a mix between the dressed up and the dressed down looks. I bought this pair of Converse sneakers from New York and I haven’t actually worn it yet. It may look black in the pictures but it’s in fact dark grey, which is pretty unusual I thought. People say that horizontal stripes are not flattering but I absolutely love them! I think they’re great because stripes is something you can wear up and down, especially the top I’m wearing from H&M with the gold button details on the sleeves and also the shoulders. I also really love the straight neckline, which means that other parts of your outfit and details gets more attention rather than just the neckline. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this look!
















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What I’m wearing: 

H&M top

Sissy Boy high waisted shorts

Converse All Star sneakers

Michael Kors bag

Roberto Cavalli sunnies

Earrings from Forever New

With love…xxx