Perpetuity of Time [with IWC]

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “where did all this time go?” because my mom always said that time goes by the quickest after varsity, and she’s absolutely right! Sometimes I feel as if I’m holding a fist full of sand inside the palm of my hand and just like time, the sand is slipping out between my fingers, and before you know it, it has all slipped away. Since I’ve known this for a while now, I promised myself that I will no longer spend time doing things that I don’t enjoy and I will also no longer spend time with people I don’t care to see. Yet, you will still catch me packing and unpacking the dishwasher every so often, because that’s just how life works.




I’m aware that I’m a little off the radar recently, I haven’t uploaded a video for ages, I don’t post on Instagram as often as I probably should, I hardly go on Twitter anymore but the one thing I’ve been keeping up to date with is Snapchat (so follow me if you aren’t already :)). Like anything, life is just moving in its own rhythm, I’ve been very busy with my studies, partly because my exam is drawing closer and closer and also because I’m going away for almost 2 weeks on Tuesday, 27 September, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to study while I’m away. We are going to Thailand and Singapore, so make sure you follow my adventures on Snapchat so you aren’t missing out! I’ve also been keeping myself busy with real people, human beings, humans that I love spending time with instead of simply catching up on social media. One other thing I’ve been more focused on is my body, in between gym sessions and sessions with my trainer, I also do a bit of yoga and I love all of it! Can’t exactly get mad at me for living right?

I’ve always been fascinated with watches, the complexity of watches, the tiny parts that is involved in allowing you to be able to tell time. I’ve become more intrigued ever since that day I attended a watchmaking class with IWC with a Master Watchmaker (he’s Swiss btw, that’s how you know it’s legit). Attending that class has taught me why good watches, or shall I say GREAT watches are so expensive and why each and every single timepiece is a masterpiece. I feel that an individual’s choice of watches tell a lot about that person, besides aesthetically, does she like automatic or quartz, does she prefer leather strap or metal, does she prefer round dials or square dials? There is so much to tell about one’s choice in watches, each watch has it’s own story. This is precisely the reason I fell in love with the IWC Portofino Automatic Moonphase for the Laureus Sport Awards for Good Foundation, it is a limited edition with only 1500 pieces worldwide, and I had the privilege to test drive one (number 725 to be exact) for one week. The simplicity, class and elegance of this beautiful timepiece resonates with my personality perfectly, it’s slightly masculine but feminine enough for a lady, and it is beautiful yet understated.


Time is forever running, your watch may stop but time itself will forever be slipping away from you. Make sure you’re spending each and every single day with the ones you love and doing things you enjoy. Just like your watch, be someone with a story to tell.


With love…xxx


My Fitness Story

Hi Everyone! 🙂 I know I never quite go below skin deep when it comes to my blog and talk about personal stuff besides the makeup I use, the clothes I wear, the goodies I buy or the places I travel to. Today I want to address something I’m quite passionate about and a journey that I’m sure many people are not foreign to: the fitness journey.

I feel that at some point we all have had a love-hate relationship with training, working out, gymming, exercising or however you wish to call it. I’ve certainly had my fair share of a mixed pool emotions when it comes to gymming, I’ve been obsessed with it, I’ve hated it, I’ve dreaded it, I’ve been disappointed, I’ve been excited, I’ve been guilty… you name it and I’ve mostly probably felt it. It’s not until I suddenly clicked one day to stop obsessing over the actual transformation itself that I’ve truly appreciated exercise and fitness. Once you really learn to let go of staring at yourself for hours in front of the mirror scrutinising every single part of yourself that you see, you will feel the transformation.

I’ve pretty much been ‘skinny’ my whole life and trust me my so-called “friends” in primary school made sure that I was aware of it. I was relentlessly teased for being too ‘skinny’ for years. Until as we grew a little older (such as in high school), people started to realise that skinny is in fact the new black! It wasn’t actually that great to have short stumpy legs and baby fat was no longer “cute”. This is when the obsession around me began. Of course I never took part of it because I was happily being envied for eating pies, burgers and pizzas everyday and not gaining a pound. This happiness of mine never lingered around for long enough though, not past third year in varsity at least because it was then I started to realise (to my horror) that I was firstly, terribly unfit because I stopped all sports in grade 10 (I used to be pretty active) and secondly, I started to gain a bit of weight. I mean sure, most people will probably give me some applause for that because I finally look ‘normal’ (some would still say I was skinny) but that’s not MY normal.

Since I was still a student at that time, I had so much time on my hands, I started going to the gym and really trying my hand at this new thing called “fitness”. The reality also hit me when I decided to take a slow jog the one day during my holidays and I got home and threw up because I was so unfit! Now 4 years in and I’m fitter than I ever was, I can lift 20kgs rather easily (do you lift bro?!) and I can run without throwing up. Even though I’m not as skinny as I was when I was 18, which I admit I probably never will be or want to be, but I’ve discovered muscles in places I never knew existed and I definitely look better and feel better. I’m toned but I also have lady curves and that’s something to be proud of. Was it a tough journey? Yes! It was a journey where self-loathe played an essential part of my struggle and mind you, on a daily basis! When I look in the mirror now though, I see accomplishment but I also see where there can be improvement too. There is always room for improvement!

I’m so sick of seeing people out there bringing other people down. Like that joke “only dogs like bones but real men like curves”, I mean really?? Just because a person is skinny, doesn’t mean they have no muscles and are not strong. Just because a person is “fat”, doesn’t mean they’re not fit and can’t run 10km. The truth is, if you’re not born to have a thigh gap, you probably never will, no matter how much weight you lose. There are tons of products out there that helps people with their diets and helps to “burn fat”. Truth is, the best way to burn fat is to put on those running shoes and get off your ass to run. A diet is temporary, those products that people take are temporary too but your lifestyle change stays with you forever. My lifestyle is definitely sticking with me, now it’s all about the proper nutrition, making sure I consume all food groups and also making sure that I have all the correct vitamins and minerals that I need. Naturally, your body WILL transform, the transformation may actually surprise you because you will find beauty in the real, healthy you rather than the “you” that you see in other people.


I took this photo about a month ago and these shorts I bought in April when I went to Hong Kong.


What’s your fitness story? Email me and let me know. For more fitness inspiration, you can also check out my Instagram account (warning: lots of beauty, fashion, food and travel stuff too).

With love…xxx