Getting Yourself The Right Training Gear

There’s no art to looking good in clothes, everyone looks good in clothes, but not everyone looks good naked, now that’s the art of training. 

Hi Everyone! I do pride myself in being a slight fitness fanatic and it’s definitely something I don’t shy away from. In my mind, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who can run, kick, jump, swim and is flexible. Putting the physical benefits aside, you feel great from the inside out and exercising on a regular basis energizes your body, mind and soul.


When it comes to gear, I know this may not mean a lot to many people but if you don’t even wear an ugly loose t-shirt to buy groceries, why should you while you’re exercising? I feel that my 1 hour or so of exercise is the most important hour of my day, where I really get to focus on nothing but myself guilt-free. Not only do I want to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing but I also want to feel good about myself in my training gear, it keeps me motivated.


I get many questions about my exercise routine and the correct training gear so hopefully this is post will manage to answer your questions, if not, please feel free to email me, tweet me or comment below 🙂


1. Shoes shoes shoes

If you’re more than happy to splurge on a pair of sexy stilettos (like myself) then why don’t you invest in a great pair of shoes that’s right for your type of training? If you’re a runner, invest in a pair of good running shoes. I recently purchased a pair of Nike Free Fly Knit 5.0 , and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s comfortable, it’s flexible and it literally feels like I have a pair of socks on because it is so light. If you’re more interested in attending aerobics classes or doing your workout on the machines at gym, then get a good pair of training shoes, I personally enjoy the Nike Dual Fusion, they’re still running shoes which makes it light, comfortable and have just the right amount of padding on your sole so you don’t feel the impact.



2. Choose the right fabric

Its important to look for a fabric that allows your skin to breathe and absorbs sweat so it keeps you cool. Try Nike Dri Fit or any light synthetic fabric that is sold in sports stores. After a good work out, the last thing I want is a wet patch or having to worry about a wet patch so in order to avoid that, make sure your training gear is in the right fabric.


3. Pay special attention to fit

Like I said previously, if you don’t wear a loose old t-shirt to buy groceries, why would you wear that while training? Not only will you get extremely uncomfortable because most old loose t-shirts are not made in the right fabric so when you sweat, it drags you down. If you do prefer something loose, make sure your t-shirts are in the right fabric (again!) so that your sweat is absorbed and it won’t leave you heavy and hanging.


4. Change up your gear depending on your work out

I personally keep very versatile pieces in my wardrobe, especially the bottoms. I prefer tight fitting versatile training tights that can be used for pilates, yoga, running and spinning. I generally prefer body hugging training clothes in any event because they’re good for all types of exercises. If you feel more comfortable in loose clothing, remember that it may interfere with your poses for yoga.


5. Use good support

If you take anything from reading this post, let this be the one (ok and also number 1). Make sure you wear the right supporting under garments. When I first started training 4 years ago, I used to wear my normal everyday bras, bad idea! Not only does it restrict your movement to a certain extent because of the wiring, it also doesn’t allow flexibility in the chest area, which makes it much harder to breathe when doing cardio. Make sure you get a few sets of good supportive training bras!


6. Get rid of all jewelry (or at least try)

Because I normally go to gym straight after work, I end up taking off all my jewelry and just leaving it in the boot of my car or my bag. I feel that wearing jewelry when training can be really distracting, such as earrings, heavy bracelets and necklaces. Plus they get stuck to you when you’re sweaty and it sometimes gets in the way.


So these are my top tips for choosing the right training gear. Hope it helps and happy training! Remember, summer bodies are made in winter! 🙂

With love…xxx