Lifestyle: High Tea at the Oyster Box Hotel

Happy Friday! As I am writing this post and going through the photos from my afternoon at the Oyster Box Hotel, I’m longing to go back and munch on all the goodies I never had the stomach to try out. Back in varsity days, high tea was quite a staple for me and my friends and one of my favourite spots back then was the One & Only Hotel in Cape Town. It made a great place to study and work, it was quiet during the weekdays, there were tons of sweets and savouries at your disposal and lots of different teas to choose from, it was pure joy.

High tea during the weekdays was impossible over the last two working years of my life, weekends were packed with admin, food shopping and blogging, not to mention having to book months in advance for high tea over the weekend. Now that I have the pleasure of pure freedom again, I organised to have high tea with my beautiful friend Nicci at the Oyster Box Hotel. The dress code is casual and it starts at 2:30 in the afternoon and ends at 5pm. Trust me, 2 and a half hours is plenty to catch up, enjoy a glass of bubbly, beautifully flagrant vanilla rooibos tea and most importantly, enough sweets and savouries to make your heart sing. I was immediately impressed the moment I was shown my seat, the chairs were large and comfy, the waiters all had exceptional manners and you feel more ladylike than ever. There was an overwhelming amount of food and not just the quantity but the variety, out of all the places I have had high tea in South Africa, I highly recommend the Oyster Box as it has the biggest variety, especially when it comes to savouries.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my big camera as I wasn’t planning on doing a review or taking any photos for that matter. As you can see, I clearly couldn’t resist! I loved it and would recommend it to everyone, it’s definitely somewhere I would want to celebrate my birthday someday! 🙂 The Grill Room, another restaurant in the Oyster Box hotel is also a fantastic place for dinner! Did I mention the sweet sound of melody on the grand piano live in the afternoon while enjoying your high tea? It was pure heaven. I am definitely going back! Hope you enjoy the photos!










Hope you enjoyed this post! Where is your favourite place for high tea? Are you a sweet or savoury kind of person? Let me know! Have a glorious weekend my loves!

With love…xxx

Travel and Lifestyle: High Tea at Ladurée and What is a Perfect Macaron?


If you haven’t personally been to Ladurée, I have no doubt that you know what it is and what it is that they specialise in, courtesy of the good old Gossip Girl days… and for those who still have no clue then here’s a little background for you:

Ladurée is a luxury French bakery and pastries house, they are world famous for their macarons and have 52 stores in the world, 6 being in Paris alone and of course we don’t have one in SA. 😉 Little fun fact for you: Ladurée made macarons for the film Marie Antoinette! Amazing! 🙂

So where did I have the Ladurée experience, you might ask, I had high tea in Times Square in Hong Kong. Personally, I’m a huge fan of macarons and I don’t particularly have a sweet tooth. The perfect macarons for me is where the macaron shells have feet, not hollow and the outside is slightly hard but not crispy and baked to perfection but the inside of the macaron shell should be so airy that it melts in your mouth. Of course, a macaron is not a macaron without filling, although I’m a huge fan of chocolate ganache but a little bit of blueberry or lemon curd filling never hurt. The filling must be smooth and in fact where all the flavour is because the macaron shells don’t actual have any flavouring, just colouring. Although still attempting to bake the perfect macarons myself, I definitely know how to enjoy a good macaron! Unfortunately we don’t have a Ladurée store in SA but you can get pretty good macarons from Tashas Le Parc in Hyde Park Corner, they have a variety of different flavours and certainly worth a try if you’re seeking good macarons.







We also ordered lemon cake and also some sort of chocolate brownie, if I remembered correctly.

I cannot for the life of me remember the flavours I ordered but the pink one is definitely “Rose” because I always order that flavour and it was delicious! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! 🙂

With love…xxx

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