Travel: LoveMaryLu Flight Essentials

Hello all you jet-setters! This post is for you, for the love of travel, the never-ending adventures, the endless lay-overs and long-haul flights. I, myself am a huge fan of traveling, not particularly a fan of the domestic terminal but more of the international terminal. There’s a specific smell to the international terminal after check-in and after you’ve walked through the security gates. There’s something familiar but yet so foreign about the process of walking through the security gate at the international terminal. The familiarity lies at the fact that I’ve probably been through it at least a dozen times; but at the same time, it is so foreign because there’s always some unknown adventure that lies ahead of me after I pass through those gates. It’s such a comfortable, yet unsettling feeling, perhaps it’s the feeling of excitement but also fear of the unknown.

Luckily, I’ve travelled enough to gather enough knowledge which helps to get rid of some of that fear, that unfamiliar feeling. The only way to get rid of it is to surround ourselves with what is known and what makes us comfortable, that we are familiar with. I’ve put together a list of my travel essentials for those tiring, long-haul flights to make things a little more bearable. Whether you’re sitting in economy class, premium economy class, business class or first class, these are must-haves to make you feel more homely, and very importantly, to help you combat any signs of jet-lag, overdose of monitored cabin pressure and long exposure to extreme air-conditioning. I feel this list is pretty gender neutral but obviously more focused on skin care, masculine skin needs love and caring too. 🙂



1. Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment (DCT)

I’ve mentioned this product numerous times and I just can’t get enough of it. I slather this stuff like it’s nobody’s business when I’m in a long-haul flight because the first sign of dehydration is cracked lips. Make sure to keep those babies plump and hydrated.

2. Beats by Dr Dre

Any earphones will do, just make sure they are comfortable to wear for hours. I prefer to carry my own earphones because I find those airplane earphones particularly uncomfortable and chunky (I’m not a fan of chunky earphones). It also freaks me out thinking about how many people have worn and touched them.

3. Thick fluffy socks 

I love wearing these thick fluffy socks because my feet get cold really easily and the aircon on the planes are generally really high. I’m not really sure if these socks will help with the swelling but they keep my feet warm, and I’m happy! You can get these socks during any season from Woolworths.

4. GlamGlow ThirstMud Hydrating Treatment

If you have oily skin, you can skip this step but since I have dry skin, this is a must for me. I often get off the plane with even more dry skin than I boarded with and I blame that on the air-conditioning. To combat any peeling, especially by my nose, I slather on this face mask before I’m about to sleep on the plane but I’m careful not to leave it on for too long because it will be so dry, it becomes hard to wash off. I did a review on my blog on the GlamGlow ThirstyMud, read the review here.

5. Seeping eye mask 

I’m a light sleeper and pretty sensitive to light when I’m sleeping so this is a must-have on the plane for me. Some airlines provide them but I prefer taking my own, I got really cute and comfy ones from Victoria Secret when I was in New York. 🙂

6. Amazon Kindle 

 Whether I’m on a road trip or a long-haul flight, my Kindle is always in my hand bag. Nothing is more comforting than putting on my fluffy socks, putting my feet up and reading a gripping novel.

7. Ralph by Ralph Lauren 

This is a personal preference, you can take anything you’re wearing onto the plane, just make sure that it is 50ml and less (just to be safe). My Ralph is my smallest bottle in the collection so I usually take my Ralph with me. I am strongly against BO (body odour) especially when in a small space crammed with people, such as on the airplane so a perfume or a cologne of some sort is a must.

8. Ear plugs

Like I said previously, I’m a light sleeper and as much as you think the plane is quiet when the lights are off for “bedtime”, it is not. It is loud, whether it’s someone snoring their lungs out, someone pacing, the engines or some baby crying, there is noise. Ear plugs are an essential for me if I want to sleep at all on the plane.

9. The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist 

This product has rose water, which I absolutely love. I like to sprits my face every hour or so to keep my skin hydrated, this product is perfect for my dry skin as it contains vitamin E and rose water which have hydrating properties.

10. Evian face mist 

Whenever I come across this product, I always pick it up because firstly, I think Evian water is the most delicious tasting water on Earth, two, wouldn’t be even better if you can use it mist your face? If you don’t have dry skin, you can skip the Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist and replace it with this. I like to use both!

11. Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream 

I always slather on moisturizer when I’m on the plane because of the aircon. This product is my absolute number one, even though Benefit is discontinued in South Africa, I continue to buy this overseas, I always stock up when I see them. I can’t live without it, it is the only product that I’ve found that can help with my dry skin.

12. Hair grips

Not only does my hair become crazy with static on the plane, it becomes oily from the constant touching if I leave it down. I always bring hair grips with me so I can clip my hair up so it won’t be gross when I get off the plane since it’s not constantly in my face.

Hope you found this post helpful! Where are you jetting off to next? Find out where I’ll be going this year on my blog soon!

With love…xxx