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My Top 5 Blog Addictions

Hi everyone! What’s better to survive the rest of the week than to share with you my current favourite blog addictions – top 5 blogs I’m obsessed with right now! I like to read a little about everything, whether it’s cooking, beauty, fashion and/ or traveling, not only am I learning something new everyday but I’m finding all sorts of inspiration from around the world. Nowadays I’m finding myself doing more reading than actual writing, but everyone needs a little break right? 🙂 These are in no particular order:


1. Minimalist Baker 

One of the coolest new discoveries I made, I’m not even sure how I came across it to be honest. It’s essentially a food blog by Dana who create amazing and simple recipes that’s either 10 ingredients or less, one bowl or 30min or less. The best thing is that she creates the best gluten free and vegan recipes that are delicious and simple, plus her photos are the best! I would definitely check it out for some healthy, fun recipes that are easy to follow.


2. Grease and Glamour 

A travel and lifestyle blog by Jinna who created the blog following the death of her father, who was her biggest motivation in life. She decided to quit her full time job in NYC and follow her dreams and passions, which lead her to the most amazing destinations on this planet. Follow her for inspiration and amazing travel photos plus awesome travel tips!


3. Kayture 

Do I even need to give you an introduction? Kristina Bazan is one of the biggest fashion voices on Earth right now, she’s pretty much everywhere and to think she was just an ordinary Swiss girl doing her thing a couple years back. Clearly she’s doing something right! She’s beautiful and her photos are amazing! Check out her blog for some amazing outfit inspirations.


4. Sprouted Kitchen 

Another great food blog with delicious and simple recipes to follow. I love that Sara uses a lot of natural ingredients, her recipes are heathy, wholesome and her photos are absolutely beautiful. I’m no vegetarian or vegan but she sure has some of the best vegetarian recipes that are to die for!


5. The Chriselle Factor 

A fashion and lifestyle blog by Chriselle, she has amazing fashion and styling tips to hand out that goes along with some really impressive photos. I love that she creates such simple and elegant outfit looks, which is very inspiring for me as a blogger myself. Definitely check her out if you enjoy the classic, simple and elegant side of fashion.

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