August 2015 Empties

Hello everyone! As you may know, I’ve been moving for the last couple of weeks and till now, we still don’t have internet at home. Telkom is coming tomorrow to set up our internet and to move our line – yay!! πŸ™‚ I must tell you it has been absolute torture not having wifi at home, Snapchat is just not the same and not only that, I could barely browse any social media apps via my phone because I’ve bought data bundles of 1GB twice already! Absolutely ridiculous! Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot some lookbooks for you this weekend, which will be up next week, not promising anything though but thank you all for your patience and I’m really glad that you guys are enjoying my snaps too, I really enjoy snapping, it makes running errands less “lonely”.

I haven’t done Empties posts in so long now, mainly because I really haven’t finished any products as of late but towards the end of July and this month, I’ve managed to finish a few products that you will see below.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know what I cannot live without my Fix+ by MAC, I use before and after I apply my makeup. I’m currently using the Charged Water by MAC which is similar to the Fix+ except it claims to have more minerals and better for hydrating dry skin. I finished another bottle of the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream, I’ve been using this cream for years and I used to buy them overseas when Benefit was no longer available in SA. This moisturiser is so rich and perfect for my dry skin. I finished my first tube of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, I got this in New York last year October. I’m not sure if I’m riding on the rave train for this concealer because it does crease a little on me, but it is a great drugstore under-eye concealer.


I finished a tube of this Prep + Prime lash serum by MAC. I’m pretty sure most people don’t even know that this product even exist because no one really promotes it when you visit a MAC store. I’ve used it for a good few months, can’t say I’ve noticed a visible growth in terms of my lashes but it does make me feel a little better that I am apply some form of nutrient to it before I go to bed at night. I absolutely love the Creme Sheen glosses by MAC, this one I finished is in Just Superb, very flattering on all skin tones, it may look super light but it looks great worn on its own or over a lipstick. This is currently my favourite MAC mascara, it’s the Extreme Dimensions mascara, I’ve blogged about it before. I love the big brush applicator that comes with it and the formulae is great for lengthening your lashes.


I finished a Maybelline and a Kat Von D eyeliner, they are both brush tip (I only like using brush tip liners) and very pigmented. I’ve bought backups of them both when I go overseas so I still have enough to last me another year! πŸ™‚


I know this is not a beauty product but I have to talk about it because I’m so obsessed with Yankee Candles right now! The Champaca Blossom candle was amazing and the scent is really carried throughout your home if you’re burning this candle. I haven’t bought another because I like to try new fragrances when it comes to candles but definitely try this out if you’re looking for a great fragrant candle.

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With love…xxx

MAC Haul and Lippie Obsession

Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to do this post yesterday but the lighting was so poor because the weather was a bit gloomy here in Jozi yesterday. So instead of taking photos and putting this up, I took yesterday off. I won’t be blogging tomorrow because I’m getting admitted at the Pretoria High Court! Eeeeeek! I’m so nervous because I’ve had some troubles with the cession of my articles etc. I’ll be keeping you updated on Snapchat πŸ™‚ So follow me.


If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve noticed a lippie craze because I hardly wear lipstick and lipgloss now because I’m so forgetful and sometimes just lazy to maintain it. Call it the Kylie Jenner lip craze or whatever you want, I discovered my (recent) favourite shade when I went to MAC over the weekend to swap my back-to-MAC containers for a lipstick. Plus I couldn’t resist and bought 3 lipliners to satisfy the nude but not so nude lip craze. I also picked up theΒ Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist by MAC. It’s similar to the Fix+ except it is more moisturising and has extra vitamins and minerals to help dry skin. It’s a little bit more expensive (R300 as opposed to the R235) than the Fix+ but I think if it really does what it says then it’s well worth it, considering thatΒ Winter is here (that goes out to all your GOT fans :)) It may look like it has gold specks in the mist but it’s actually just the bottle.


So I bought 3 lip pencils in Soar (it’s highly raved about on Youtube), Whirl and Absolutely It. They’re all similar but quite different, it depends how you wear it and I feel that it all goes well with the Satin Lipstick in Amorous.



Excuse my dry patches of skin, I’m still trying to fix that. I’m wearing the Absolutely It liner with the Amorous lipstick in the photo above. The colour looks a lot more pink than it actually is in real life. In a different lighting, here is what the lipstick looks like in the second photo above.



In the above photo I’m wearing Whirl with the Amorous lipstick. As you can see, the Whirl is slightly darker and has a slight purple tinge to it.


In the above photo I’m wearing Soar with the Amorous lipstick, the Soar is more nude and has a slight pink tinge to it.

I also wanted to purchase Cyberwald which is a dark purple lipliner by MAC but they didn’t have it in stock at the time. Let me know which is your favourite? I feel like the lip colours look a lot more pink in the photos when in fact it is a bit more nude, must be the lighting. Hope you enjoyed this post!

With love…xxx