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Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a superb week so far. I have some good news for makeup lovers, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne have once once again collaborated with MAC Cosmetics for another fabulous, limited edition, makeup collection! Personally, I’m fascinated with the Patentpolish Lip pencils in Sharon’s collection so I’ll be checking it out at MAC when it hits stores on 7 August 2014. You guys know how crazy I am about my blushes so I’ll definitely be picking up the blush from the Kelly collection. Remember how crazy I was about the Hey Sailor collection 2 years back and I bought a backup of the blush in Sail Away? I’ve pretty much finished the one already so I need to start looking for a replacement. If you follow me on social media, you might know how obsessed I am with the Mac Patentpolish Lip Pencils and there seem to be a range of colours available in the Sharon collection, which I totally cannot wait to try out! For those who aren’t familiar with the Patentpolish Lip Pencils, it’s basically a jump lip tint, I say lip tint because it is not supposed to be as pigmented as lipsticks but it’s more of a water colour, which I personally love because you can get really creative with them. It’s also perfect for the ombre lips (like shown below from one of my instagram pics). They also have a superb shine to it but not sticky like gloss. Overall, they’re just great versatile products to have in your hand bag. So start saving and do some serious arm workouts to prepare yourself for some serious shopping 🙂 Products and prices below.



In the pic I’m wearing Berry Bold, it looks more pink but it’s actually a stunning everyday red (which isn’t really bold) but buildable.


Kelly lipsticks – R250                                                                                                        Sharon Lip glass – R200

Kelly Lip pencil – R180                                                                                                     Sharon patentpolish lip pencil – R200

Kelly Jumbo eye liner – R250                                                                                          Sharon lip pencil -R180

Kelly Eye Pencil – R190                                                                                                     Sharon eye pencil – R180

Kelly Quad – R450                                                                                                              Sharon quad – R450

Kelly duo – R300                                                                                                                 Sharon blush – R300

Kelly blush – R300                                                                                                              Sharon Mineralize skin finish – R400

Kelly Minerlize skin finish – R400                                                                                  Sharon angled shading brush – R320

Kelly Pencil brush – R300                                                                                                 Sharon face blender brush – R450

Kelly buffer – 650

With love…xxx

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