OPI Gel Polish at Body Sense Boutique

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great week so far! This past weekend I went to get my nails done at Body Sense Boutique in Nicolway in Bryanston. This is in fact my second time there for my nails, they offer many treatments and have a huge variety of OPI gel colour to choose from. As I’m sure many of you are familiar with the other gel polishes such as Gellish or Pro-polish, this isn’t any different except it’s launched by a reputable nail brand – OPI. I have noticed remarkable differences between OPI gel polish and other gel polishes, I’ve tried both Gellish as well as Pro-Polish. The biggest difference is that OPI gel polish remains super shiny till the day you remove it and I’ve absolutely had no trouble with chipping or lifting for 3 weeks.


As for Body Sense Boutique, they offer superb services, well in respect of nails. You can tell that the nail technicians are very well trained, they are precise and pay attention to detail. They even do nail art and experiment with a mixture of colours at absolutely no extra cost. The cannot for the life of my remember my nail colour but it’s actually the plain pink bel polish with a glitter gel polish on top with a more decorated ring finger. I think this look is super cute, in fact, I saw it on the nail technician who was doing my nails and I loved it. For those who love the pinks, purples and different shades of blues… they have many many colours to choose from. A express gel polish mani which includes shaping, filing, scrubbing, application of gel polish as well as a quick massage comes to R230. I personally think it’s very reasonable and also very worth it.


I didn’t take any photos of the actual salon because I wasn’t sure if I should do a post or review but since I was so happy with my colour, I decided to do a quick review anyways. The salon has stunning victorian finishes and you get to sit on a very comfy couch while your hands are being pampered. Please note that I was not paid to do this review, I paid like every normal person for my mani and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

With love…xxx

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