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Hi my loves! Today’s the day! I’ll be off to the airport in a couple of hours but before I make my way, I just wanted to publish another post for you guys as I probably won’t have time to do so tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend and follow my trip on Snapchat 🙂 Add me on @lovemarylu and I’ll try my best in keeping you updated on the ins and outs of my trip.

I promised that I would do a post and share my knowledge of looking after handbags as well as to maintain the value of designer handbags. If a fire were to break out in my home and I only had time to pack a suitcase the size of a carry-on luggage bag, I would probably fill it up with my designer handbags! Yes, I take great pride in my handbags and I consider them to be my prized possessions, so should you! Whether they are designer items or not, especially if they are leather handbags then you should definitely look after them properly to ensure that you can get the longest use out of them as well as to maintain it value for future resale.


In order to maintain the velue and also to preserve the beauty of your handbags…


1. Avoid contact with water, grease and perfumes or any liquids that contain alcohol.


2. If your bag comes to contact with water, instead of wiping it vigorously with a cloth, rather dab it gently to absorb all the water. Remember, always use a light coloured cloth, don’t use a dark cloth on light colours.


3. DO NOT clean your bag with products intended for other uses like alcohol, oils, stain removers, washing powders etc, if your bag is leather then I recommend that you use a leather cleaner (NOT shoe polish) or if your bag is canvas or faux leather, use a damp cloth.


4. Use a dust bag when storing your handbags, most designer handbags come with one but if you don’t have one, they are super easy to make. Just stitch 2 pieces of cloth together that is big enough to store your bag.


5. Keep your bags out of direct sunlight. If your bag is leather and light coloured (white or beige), contact with direct sunlight could tan the leather and make it appear darker. As you can see from the picture below, I’ve had my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for a while now and it’s my travel bag because it can hold so much stuff but it has also been in the sun quite a bit. When I first bought this bag, the leather trimmings were a lot more pale and now it appears to be a lot more tanned. Everyone is different and I quite like it this way, it sort of has a vintage look to it.


6. When storing your handbag, stuff it with tissue or white paper to preserve the original shape of your handbag.



You have maintained the value of your handbag, now what? Believe it or not, certain vintage second-hand handbags are sold for more than the newer designs. In many European and Asian countries, second-hand shops that specialise in genuine designer handbags are hugely popular, most of the handbags are out of season (no surprise there) and are in prime condition, which are naturally sold for a better price. Why do people buy second-hand designer handbags you may ask? Firstly, it is much cheaper to buy a second-hand designer bag than the new one, even if the owner only used it for a year. Secondly, some designs have been discontinued or from previous seasons but you may really really want it and it’s not available anywhere else but second-hand.

Where to buy or sell your second-hand/new bags here in South Africa:

I’ve seen some ads on Gumtree recently where the owner is putting up their second-hand bags for sale. For those who are looking to sell, here’s a Seller’s Guide on selling your items on Gumtree and how to effectively advertise your products for sale.

Hope you found this post useful and I would love to hear from you!

With love…xxx

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