MAC Pro-Long Wear Waterproof Foundation Review

Hi my loves! A few days ago, I received an email about the launch of the Mac Cosmetics Pro-long Wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation and if that doesn’t intrigue you already then you probably won’t be interested in this post. I’ve said previously that I don’t wear foundation anymore, maybe the odd occasion when I’ll pull out my Makeup Forever HD Foundation but generally speaking, I wear BB cream. I wear BB cream because of its high SPF and also because I haven’t really found a foundation where I’m absolutely mad about. Like with everything, everyone has a preference and there are a few criteria that I look at when judging whether a foundation is good or not…


1. The colour match

2. The formula

3. The scent

4. The coverage

5. The staying power


There was a slight confusion over this foundation because the email claims that the foundation lasted up to 16 hours but the website itself claims that the foundation stays up to 12 hours. I’ve also watched some youtube reviews where some beauty bloggers said that they read somewhere that the foundation even lasts up to 24 hours. That’s quite a claim to make especially for foundation because even the thickest foundation with the fullest coverage always seem to disappear around my nose and mouth area as the day goes on, and I know I’m not the only one with that problem. Now let me review this foundation based on the criteria mentioned above:


1. The Colour Match

This foundation is available in 16 different shades. The great thing about Mac foundations is that you know your shade and pretty much everything in your shade will be the same colour. I used to be NC 20 but I’ve tanned slightly on the face so I decided to pick up the NC 25. It’s pretty much an exact match to my skin currently.


2. The Formula

I expected this foundation to be quite thick and creamy but it’s actually not. It is creamier than their Fluid Fix foundation but still fluid enough that if you squeeze a blob on the back of your hand, it will slowly run down. In fact, I quite like this formula because it’s not too thick so that it cakes on your face but it also isn’t too runny that you have to layer it up to get a full coverage.


3. The Scent 

I’ve always had a problem with the scent of the foundations, which is why I hardly wear foundation. Makeup companies always claim that a foundation is fragrance-free but it always turns out that there’s plastic type of scent that comes with it. Surprisingly, this foundation is actually fragrance-free which I really like.


4. The Coverage

The foundation claims to be sheer to medium coverage and it’s buildable. I find that the coverage depends on the method of application but it is definitely not sheer, I think it is more medium to full coverage. If you use a foundation brush, it is more likely to be a fuller coverage than if you used a beauty blender or your fingers. I personally prefer using a damp Beauty Blender or variations of a Beauty Blender (I just buy mine from Dischem and it works exactly the same as a Beauty Blender for a tenth of the price) because it gives off a more dewy finish than a matte finish. The foundation claims to give a velvety matte finish but I personally don’t think it’s matte, I would say it’s more of a satin finish and I’ve tried both the brush and beauty blender method of application. One thing I do like about this foundation is that although the coverage is quite full compared to what I’m used to, it doesn’t feel caked on my face or thick, which is always good!

5. The Staying Power

Firstly, I must say that I do have dry skin so I can’t speak for those who have oily skin and secondly, I’m very impressed with this foundation. At the time of writing this post, I’ve worn this foundation for about 10 hours already, looking at all the areas that my foundation usually wears off such as my nose and mouth area, it still looks pretty good! The foundation has not moved much at all and I’ve only applied one layer. I feel that it does tend to cling and accentuate the dry patches on my face, such as around my nose and mouth area. In this case, I normally spray quite a bit of my Mineralized Charged Water Spray or my Prep and Prime Fix+ over the dry areas and it fixes the problem.

The foundation does claim to be sweat and waterproof. I went to gym with the foundation on to try it out, I wanted to see if sweating did anything to the foundation. I was surprised that the foundation barely moved at all. I did notice that if I wiped my face with a sweat towel, some product did rub off onto the towel but not entirely. I think in the case where there is water or sweat, instead of wiping your face, it’s better to gently tap on your face, this way the foundation is less likely to rub off.


Overall I think it’s a great foundation, I definitely recommend it if you have issues with the longevity of your foundation when applied. The price is pretty reasonable too, it currently retails for R380 at all Mac stores for 25ml. At first I thought that 25ml was quite little considering the price but to be honest, you don’t use much product in one application. In fact, I think it may last a good couple months. I’ll continue to use the foundation and provide you with some updates via Snapchat 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this post and it answered some questions!


With love…xxx

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