Lookbook: Winter Layers

Hi everyone! I’ve recently come back from Cape Town for work over a week ago, I was there from Tuesday till Friday evening so I haven’t really had time to post or anything. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the weather in the Cape, it was absolutely beautiful the days that I was there as the sky was blue and not a cloud in the sky. It was so warm and lovely even though I spent most of my time indoors during the day. However, when I got back to Joburg, that was a different story as the weather was rather gloomy and it was surprisingly cold. So I figured that I should really use that opportunity to layer it up and take full advantage of my new Steve Madden booties that I purchased in Taiwan. 🙂









Thank you for reading! 🙂

What I was wearing:

Long sleeve top from Uniqlo

Cardi from Forever 21

Skorts from H&M

Steve Madden booties

With love…xxx

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