Lookbook: White Christmas

Hi my loves! Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and Boxing Day! I’m sure all of you feasted on some deliciousness over the past few days! I certainly had my fair share of home cooking, junk food and chocolates, I do feel terrible but I must enjoy myself at least once a year. 🙂

Last year I had spent Christmas in Taiwan, even though it wasn’t a white christmas but it was certainly cold and rainy. My wardrobe consisted of scarves, beanies, coats, leather jackets, sweaters and boots. I’m not sure why but I do feel more christmas spirit when it’s cold and I’m all layered up before I step outside. It was my first time in Taiwan and thank goodness there’s no snow because I’m not sure how well I’ll handle that kind of cold. Now that I’ve spent Christmas again in Durban, I’m almost not used to it anymore. It was extremely hot on Christmas day, 40 degrees and counting. I think it is the hottest I’ve ever experienced here in Durban! It was definitely a good day for the beach!

Since there was no actual white christmas, I opted for an all white outfit with minor red details. I absolutely love my Kate Spade bag that I purchased from New York, the colour is so bright and really lifts an outfit. I kept my look simple and elegant, it’s perfect for a work or even a dinner party (just make sure no red wine is spilt). I paired my high-waisted white skirt with a lace crop, the lace crop itself is very casual and I usually wear it with jeans. The skirt changes the look completely, paired with some heels and you’re good to go.

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