Lifestyle: Sunglasses for the fashion and fab – why you need one

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly but I have good news! I’m planning my next holiday, which is in April! 🙂 I’m super excited and looking forward to spending some time with family, soaking up some sunshine and doing some major shopping!

If you ask a few fashionistas about their favorite accessory, you will probably get a few different answers. Some feel like Cinderella every time they try on a new pair of shoes, and others feel naked without the proper handbag. Others will tell you no outfit is complete without a statement necklace, but most of them will agree that sunglasses are a necessity. And here’s why I agree:

1. No other accessory can replace makeup. Have you ever had a bad day, leaving the house in a hurry without any time to put on “your face”? That’s probably one of the best examples of how sunglasses can save the day, covering any lack of sleep, under eye circles or lack of makeup. You will look polished and ready for everything with just the quick gesture of putting them on.

2. No other accessory is so healthy to wear. Sure, heels may help you look taller, but they’re also ready to kill your feet whenever given the chance. Sunglasses, however, are always comfortable, and they don’t only protect your eyes against bright lights and glare, but also against harmful UV rays.

3. They’re affordable. Designer bags and jewelry will often reach astronomical prices. Even the biggest sales are not that affordable for common people. When it comes to sunglasses, however, that’s where you can afford to wear your favorite designer! Depending on the brand, prices will start as low as R500, while high quality is still ensured.


4. They’re customizable. Sunglasses usually come in a number of colors for each style. You can start with your favorite one, and then continue from there to make them your own. DIY is very trendy these days, so you can go ahead and add nail polish, studs or rhinestones to your old frames when you get bored with them.

5. They make you feel like a star. Celebrities have their own various reasons for wearing sunglasses: trying to conceal their identity, covering a sleepless night. But when you put on those gorgeous cat eyes, don’t you feel like the paparazzi are all over you? Don’t you feel the glamour of the red carpet, too? There’s nothing like a good pair of sunglasses to make you feel like a mysterious starlet on her way to Hollywood fame.

Happy chappy in my sunglasses indeed!

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With love…xxx

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