Lifestyle: How to be the perfect host this summer

Hi everyone! After I posted my Watermelon Cooler Recipes, many of you asked where I got the drinking jars from and then I realized that every where I looked, there is this over whelming interest into drinking jars and striped straws etc. It has become the ultimate way to serve iced coffees, juices and even fruit infused water. I decided to write this post to give you some ideas for summer and how to be the perfect host with all shapes and sizes of glass jars that I found on Gumtree. Have a look at the ideas below.







Please note that none of the pictures above are my own, I found them on the internet and they serve as inspirational pictures and ideas only.

There are tons of ways you can use these jars! So instead of using boring dishes and glasses to serve guests your food and drinks, you can use these ideas as inspiration. The best place to find what you need? Have a look at these links I found on Gumtree.


Drinking glass bottles and jars:


Remember whether you’re hosting a few close friends or a whole party, it doesn’t hurt to get creative and your guests will be left super impressed!

Not only is it much cheaper to buy these jars through Gumtree from a direct supplier, but there are tons of other party stuff you can either pick up or hire if you’re hosting a party this Summer.


Tips when shopping on Gumtree:


  1. Always ask for the price and settle on the price before you make any orders.
  2. Confirm shipping details and price.
  3. Shop and browse around, there are plenty of different sellers selling the same or similar things so browse around and keep your options opened.
  4. Don’t give your credit card details to anyone (I’m sure I don’t need to stress this point).
  5. Don’t be scared to bargain, you never know what deals you can strike by just trying your luck.


Don’t forget, Gumtree is home to tons of sellers and you can get almost anything, whether you’re looking for something new or second hand to buy or to rent. In fact, I found my first home as a student when I was still studying in Cape Town on Gumtree. Happy Shopping! 🙂

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