• Ding Tai Fung Shanghai

    Ding Tai Fung Shanghai

    Hi everyone! Hope you all have a great week ahead! If there’s one thing that makes my day without fail, every single time, that would be food… well and also puppies. I’m a huge fan of great food and especially enjoyed with great company, that’s why I always make an …Read More »
  • Health Outing at Angelberry

    Health Outing at Angelberry

    Happy Monday! Hope you all had a well-rested weekend! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Last week, we went to a little gem of a place in Midrand, called Angelberry. Angelberry is a UK …Read More »
  • Hidden Valley Overture Restaurant Review

    Hidden Valley Overture Restaurant Review

    Happy Monday my loves! Where did the first two months of this year go?? I cannot believe how quickly this year is going and now we’re in March already! It’s my birthday month and since my birthday is at the end of the month, I generally do something throughout the …Read More »
  • Lifestyle: High Tea at the Oyster Box Hotel

    Lifestyle: High Tea at the Oyster Box Hotel

    Happy Friday! As I am writing this post and going through the photos from my afternoon at the Oyster Box Hotel, I’m longing to go back and munch on all the goodies I never had the stomach to try out. Back in varsity days, high tea was quite a staple …Read More »
  • Lookbook: A Fishmonger’s Tale

    Lookbook: A Fishmonger’s Tale

    Hello my loves! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! It’s half way through the week already, which means we have 2 more days and then it’s Friday! Can you believe that it’s halfway through the month already? I was thinking to myself the other day that we’re …Read More »
  • Lookbook: Summer Rain at DW11-13

    Lookbook: Summer Rain at DW11-13

    Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great day yesterday and managed to get some rest if you’re not already on holiday or leave. I always see Reconciliation Day as a little teaser for the rest of the holidays to come. 🙂 So I spent yesterday sleeping in, going out …Read More »
  • Gwe Fey Tea House Review

    Gwe Fey Tea House Review

    Hi everyone! I had every intention on doing a lookbook post today, had photos taken over the weekend BUT the photos all came out blurry (someone didn’t know how to use the camera clearly!). I was so upset about it, I actually cried… knowing the perfectionist that I am, there …Read More »
  • Lifestyle: Fourways Farmers Market

    Lifestyle: Fourways Farmers Market

    Hi everyone! If you’re in the Johannesburg area over the weekend, you should definitely go to the Fourways Farmers Market that is situated in Fourways, opposite Monte Casino. Thanks to my gorgeous friend Kath for suggesting such a great summery place for us to chill this past Sunday! I’ve always loved outdoor …Read More »
  • Travel and Lifestyle: Honey Toast Anyone?

    Travel and Lifestyle: Honey Toast Anyone?

    Never have I been this excited to try something, something girly, glamorous, beautiful.. and never have I ever thought that I would describe food this way either. May I just introduce you to Honey Toast from Dazzling Cafe, which has spoilt Taiwan for aaaaaaages with picture perfect toast! Yes, toast! …Read More »
  • Lifestyle: Cornuti Restaurant Review

    Lifestyle: Cornuti Restaurant Review

    Hi everyone! While Joburg was spitting with rain the whole weekend last week, we decided to have Sunday lunch at Cornuti so I took this opportunity to take some pictures and do another restaurant review. It’s not my first time at this cosy Italian restaurant so when I arrived, I …Read More »
  • Lifestyle: Yamitsuki Restaurant Review

    Lifestyle: Yamitsuki Restaurant Review

    Happy Friday! I was dying for some Jap cuisine a few weeks back and I found a little gem in Bedfordview… although extremely far for me, we made my way there on a beautiful Sunday night and we thoroughly enjoyed the vibe as well as the food. Yamitsuki, as you …Read More »
  • Travel and Lifestyle: High Tea at Ladurée and What is a Perfect Macaron?

    Travel and Lifestyle: High Tea at Ladurée and What is a Perfect Macaron?

      If you haven’t personally been to Ladurée, I have no doubt that you know what it is and what it is that they specialise in, courtesy of the good old Gossip Girl days… and for those who still have no clue then here’s a little background for you: Ladurée …Read More »