Introducing Anni King

Hi everyone! Whether you’ve seen it on Facebook, Twitter, Elle, Cosmo… I’m sure the name rings a bell. Anni King introduces beautiful collections of designer luxury leather goods to South Africa. Here are some pictures from their latest collection and an exclusive interview with LoveMaryLu blog with the designer of Anni King – Joanna.Introducing Anni King


1. So tell us what the brand Anni King brings us?

At Anni King we are enthusiasts when it comes to designing the most exquisite handbags by combining the latest trends in fashion with the most elegant luxury leather. Through our designs, we wish to give the average girl a new identity by bringing international fashion trends back home and by providing these girls with the ultimate companion for life.

2. What inspires your designs?

Our Autumn/Winter 2014 collection; The Foreign Affair, is inspired by the love for travel and the aspiration for the unknown. Being in a foreign country and experiencing the mysterious culture with unknown excitement is how the designer at Anni King feels each time when designing a new collection of handbags. We are happy to be able to share this excitement with fashion lovers like you.


3. How often can we expect new collections?

We are always looking out for new trends and converting that to our latest designs. Anni King aims to launch two collections annually; these include Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

4. Who would you say your target market is?

Anni King aims to aspire to women who are carefree in the most elegant way. Our designs are suitable for woman of any age; it’s not the age that matters but the attitude towards life and fashion as a lifestyle.

5. Where can we expect to find the Anni King collection?

Anni King bags are available in selected boutiques and salons in Johannesburg and Cape Town. At the moment, you can find our designs in a.y.k at Hyde Park Corner and Urban Lifestyle at the Hobart Grove Shopping Centre.

6. How long did it take to establish the brand “Anni King”?

The brand Anni King was established shortly after the designer quit her full time job in September 2011. She has been preparing for the founding of the company and the launch of our first collection ever since. Our designer is always traveling, in order to source the most suitable material and craftsmanship for our designs.

Bio of the Designer, Joanna:

Joanna Chen, the designer behind the brand Anni King graduated from Wits University with a double major in BCom. Growing up in Bloemfontein, it never seemed becoming a designer was a possibility, especially not for a career. With this mindset, Joanna started her first job at Ernst & Young in Johannesburg; after working in corporate for two years she decided to quit her job to pursue her goal as a designer.

‘I don’t believe in an everyday bag; I prefer to think that handbags are carried to compliment and complete the whole look of the outfit.’




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