Gwe Fey Tea House Review

Hi everyone! I had every intention on doing a lookbook post today, had photos taken over the weekend BUT the photos all came out blurry (someone didn’t know how to use the camera clearly!). I was so upset about it, I actually cried… knowing the perfectionist that I am, there is no way I can use any of the photos.


On other news, I went to the newly opened Gwe Fey Tea House over the weekend after a session at gym (hence the gym attire). I went to the one at Sandton City but the first restaurant is located by the Morningside Mediclinic if I remember correctly. For those who are interested, Gwe Fey is traditional written in pinyin as “gui fei” in Chinese which is the title given to the highest rank in the imperial consorts, basically the favourite and often most beautiful wife of the emperor in those times. The restaurant itself is nothing short of beautiful, very stylish and theatrical and also very fitting of the name itself. The service was good, although I felt at times it was a little difficult to get the attention of one of the waitresses. The food came quickly but the actual taste of the food itself was somewhat disappointing. As a person of Chinese decent, I am particularly picky when it comes to asian cuisine (not the type of food I eat but rather how good it tastes). I must blame my parents for this because both of my parents are spectacular cooks, my mom is particularly good with Chinese buns, dumplings and pastries. My father (a kitchen enthusiast) is extremely good with meat and seafood dishes. Both my parents are also perfectionists, they hold very high standards for their cooking and also very critical. From those influences, I judge food by presentation, quality, texture, taste, and believe it or not it’s so simple but most restaurants don’t put enough salt or spices in their food. I believe that if a dish is good, there’s absolutely no need for extra salt, pepper, soya sauce or what have you, in fact it’s an insult to the chef by adding anything of that sort in your food before eating.


I was pretty overwhelmed at first when I opened the menu because it looked like there was a huge selection to choose from but after careful inspection, the menu just looks busy with pictures and other displays and explanations. In fact, it was a little confusing to read because it’s very easy to skip a few dishes simply because you didn’t see it.



I ordered myself a jasmine tea and E had a ginseng tea. I felt they added too much tea leaves into that very small tea pot (I don’t like strong tea) but nevertheless, tea is tea.



Since it was lunch, we were feeling for some beef noodles (I am very critical when it comes to beef noodles because it’s such a simple dish but it can also go wrong in many different ways). The presentation was no doubt on point. We ordered two types of beef noodles, one type of noodles is hand made, think they are called “hand string noodles” and the other are just normal ones. I had high expectations for the hand string noodles and I was a little disappointed because the noodles itself was very soft and sticky, it felt like not much time was spent on the dough itself (my mom used to make noodles by hand). To get it that sightly chewy texture, a lot of time must be spent on kneading the dough itself. Also, I felt that there was way too much noodles and too little soup, so it ended up being a little too dry. The normal noodles on the other hand were very good. The beef flank itself was a little too hard and the soup needed more salt.


We also ordered wontons in soup. We ordered the sichuan spicy wonton soup. It comes with 6 wontons, I was a little deceived as to the final product because the picture looked nothing like what we actually got. The soup we got seemed a little “creamy” and thick. I was expecting something tangy with lots of red chillis. The wonton itself was pretty good, it wasn’t falling apart when we got it which is always a good sign.


We actually ordered these pork buns as starters but they came after our mains, have no idea why. This dish was absolutely delicious, it was a little small so I totally could have eaten both myself. The cabbage and carrots on the side are traditionally chinese home made pickled cabbage, very delicious! The slow cooked pork was soft and melted in my mouth, on point!

Overall, I probably would rate them a 6. Mainly because I loved the last dish so much, I would totally go back for more. There’s definitely room for some improvement but it is still new so I’m sure after some time, it will get better. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this post!

With love…xxx

P.S. I pay for all my own meals for my restaurant reviews. They didn’t even know that I will be writing a review so trust me when I say I’m totally unbiased! 🙂

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