What to get your man for Valentines Day

Hello my loves! Hope Monday wasn’t too much of a killer! I know I may be harping on this subject for an unnecessary prolonged period but it is what it is and we should just cherish and enjoy it. For those who are by now in full panic mode, have no fear, I’ve come up with a short list of Valentines Day gift ideas for you to get your man. 🙂

Since I’m forever putting together wishlist, countess wishlists for birthdays, Christmas, for Valentines Day, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of something I would typically buy for my man. I know some of these may seem a little over the top, if you’re on a budget, honestly chocolates and a cute card will do. I promise that your man will love you unconditionally and regardless what you get him for Valentines Day. Remember you can always substitute any of these items for a different brand or style!

Check out some of these gift ideas below, from left to right, top to bottom:


1. Calvin Klein underwear

There is nothing sexier than watching your man walk around the house in the morning getting ready than watching him doing that with a pair of CK underwear on. Both E and I agree that these are the only underwear any man should be wearing. No substitute for this one unfortunately.

2. Ray Ban Aviators 

This is such a classic, I think every man should own a pair of aviators. They’re so sophisticated  yet screams sexy.

3. Cute mug 

Especially at this time of February, cute valentines themed mugs are sold almost everywhere, every corner you turn. Singletons probably keep their head down while walking through the vast overly decorated isles in the supermarkets while muttering some curses towards the Valentines craze. Let’s not be haters, next time, why not go straight up to the chocolates with little heart cards attached to them, grab a few and surprise your colleagues and friends!

4. Beats by Dr Dre

If your man is always on the go, either working, travelling or exercising, a good set of earphones is a must! He will feel forever indebted to you for saving his ears and being so thoughtful.

5. Paul Smith wallet 

Did you know that the life span of a leather wallet is 3 years? I didn’t know either until I spoke to someone from Mont Blanc about cracks and tears in leather wallets. Not saying that every 3 years you or your man should toss the wallet and get a new one but just know that if it’s tearing and the leather is very scratched after 3 good years, it’s time for a new one.

6. Pandora leather bracelet 

Who said that Pandora stocks women jewellery only? These leather bracelets come in different colours, with a choice between a single leather piece or a wrap. You can shower with them on so he will always have a piece of you on his wrist.

7. Fitbit

Now days it’s pretty rare to find men with no interest in exercise or any kind of sport. If you man if a fitness fanatic or perhaps getting there, motivate him by getting him a Fitbit, they have a huge variety to choose from to suit the lifestyle of your man. It’s something he wears on his wrist, that’s lightweight and tracks his sleep as well as his activity throughout the day. Then it syncs with his phone so he can monitor his activity levels which will help him reach his goals.

8. Burberry Scarf

Does it have to be a Burberry scarf? No it doesn’t but I think men who wear scarves are pretty sexy!

9. As last resort, light some candles and throw on some sexy lingerie

Let’s be honest, men are simple creatures. They are happy with whatever they get, if your man already has the above or you don’t have time to get anything, just light some candles and throw on your sexiest lingerie. 😉

 Hope this was helpful or fun to read at least! 🙂 Good Luck!

With love…xxx

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