Ford Fiesta Collaboration Overview

Happy Friday everyone! For those who have been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been collaborating with Ford South Africa in bringing you the #FiestaOOTD on Instagram. Here is one more project that has come to a close for my blog, I’m excited but a little sad at the same time. Over the last 3 weeks, I got to test drive the Ford Fiesta Ecoboost and I’ve really grown to like that little car, which is perfect for students or young professionals if you’re looking to purchase a new car. I especially requested for an automatic because my own car is an automatic, I just thought that it would be a little easier since I’m no longer used to changing gears. Surprisingly, the Fiesta I had was a 1 Litre, I was very skeptical at first because my own car is a 2 Litre diesel and the engine is very powerful, and trust me when I say there are major hills around where I live. There are uphills to the beauty salon, there are uphills to the gym and there are even uphills to Woolies food, I thought that this little car didn’t stand a chance! I was wrong, of course, because of the Ecoboost technology in the new Fiesta models. It has a small engine but tons of power, I had no problems driving up hills at all.

I would like to mention a few features that really impressed me, the first one can be quite common but I don’t have it on my own car (I don’t think the feature is available for the make at all actually), that the side mirror closes when you lock your car. I think this is super common for some cars but my biggest fear is that someone knocks my side mirrors when I’ve parked somewhere because I know this has happened to some people I know, but with this handy little feature, you won’t have that problem.

Another feature that I really liked is the “Puddle Lights” which is basically lights at the sides of the car that illuminates when you open the car door so that you can see the ground beneath you before you step out in avoidance of puddles, which I thought was pretty nifty.

Driving a car that has a push start on/off button myself, I totally don’t understand why there’s still a need for car keys nowadays. The Ford Fiesta takes it one step further, you don’t even need to insert the remote or the “key” into the car in order to start the engine, as long as it can sense that your key is somewhere within the vicinity of the car, you are able to start it. How amazing? I really loved that feature! Say goodbye to furiously fumbling for those keys.

Overall, the car was very easy to drive, the steering wheel was very light and the car is very stable on the road. I would definitely recommend this car to those who are looking to get a new car after varsity or at the start of varsity because it comes in a variety of trendy colours and you will stand out for sure. 🙂


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’m heading to Cape Town tomorrow morning for the weekend and will be back on Monday evening. Follow me on Snapchat to check out what I’ll be doing or eating. We’ve booked to have dinner at Nobu on Sunday evening after shark cage diving that day, I’m pretty excited about that! 🙂

With love…xxx

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