My Fitness Story: I’ll have seconds please

Hi everyone! Following on from my previous fitness post: My Fitness Story, I spoke about how I had come to terms with improving my health and also my journey in getting fit and becoming the best version of MYSELF. I have come to a point where I motivate myself and I am my motivation. It sure as hell haven’t been easy especially when there are tons of deliciousness everywhere you go (by the way, I’m writing this while sipping on some beetroot, carrot and apple juice and trying to convince myself it’s delicious). The enemy is not the unhealthy deliciousness, it’s the raging, hungry demon inside of you wanting to eat it. Honestly there’s nothing you can do but to ignore yourself, it takes a load of discipline to turn down a packet of chips for me but it’s possible because I’ve done it so many times already. The more you feed into it, the worse it gets, there’s no such thing as “I’ll have it one last time”.

I grew up eating Chinese food, trust me we’re not born to eat salad, but Chinese isn’t exactly the healthiest. I mean sure, there’s always greens, probably more greens than there is meat but a lot of the good stuff is fried as well which takes away the health factor. Bottom line is, whatever you grew up eating and if it’s not tons of vegetables and salads then you probably have to change your eating habits.


I’m not particularly fond of eating salads or just vegetables but if you eat it enough, you find ways to enjoy them better. Like I try play this up a little and instead of doing the common tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad, I add things like baby radishes, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, broad beans, carrots etc etc. It all comes down to experimenting and finding the right combination to create something you really love to eat and wouldn’t actually mind eating. Those other vegetables that are good for you but disgusting, I just juice them! I can’t stand spinach but it’s so good you so I just juice it and drink it up. This way you get the nutrients you need but not having to eat it in mouthfuls and chew it. Click here to read my post on the benefits of juice.

The next thing to get right is portions, knowing your portions and making sure you eat enough of all food groups. I’m not a nutritionist and I’m not a trained professional so don’t take my word for it, this is just how I do things. I try eat my biggest protein portion during lunch time, so generally lean meat (I also try stick to fish because chicken bores me) of some sort and the portion I have is about the same size as my fist (sounds huge but isn’t actually because my fists are tiny). Then I have double that portion of salad/vegetables and for carbs, I either skip that or have sweet potato. I generally eat my carbs in the morning, in the form of oats or toast. I love fruit but they often fool people with the amount of sugar they have in it, which is naturally carbs, a medium size banana has about 100 calories and a medium sized nectarine has about 50 calories. So it’s pretty important to portion your fruit intake as well, I try stick to 2 and a half portions of fruit a day. You shouldn’t be starving once you’ve had a healthy, wholesome meal and if you are, have more vegetables and greens. Eventually your stomach will be trained to stick to the portions that’s right for you.



After this you’re probably thinking, why bother living?? I would have thought exactly the same thing when someone told me all this like 5 years ago, but that is exactly the point of living! To eat healthy and fill ourselves with natural and wholesome foods so that we may all live longer, be more active, age better and watch our great grand children grow up without pain and without health struggles.  Food for thought, just remember that no matter how wealthy you are, the one thing you cannot buy is health, you cannot throw the majority of life away into the dump and pick it up again, dust it off like nothing happened. Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

With love…xxx

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