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Happy Monday everyone! If you’ve been following my travels on social media, you probably know that I am super depressed right now! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by for the 2 weeks that we were away in Hong Kong and Philippines. This time I decided to do something different with my travel posts, instead of the usual, dragging my big DSLR camera everywhere, we got the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition the day we arrived in Hong Kong and we pretty much filmed our holiday. 🙂 I haven’t started editing the videos but I will and I’ll post it up as soon as I’m done so you can take a glimpse of our 2-week adventure in Asia.

On our last couple days in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Lanson Place Hotel in Causeway Bay, a hotel that’s part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. We stayed at the Metropark Hotel in Hong Kong before we headed to the Philippines for a week, so to make it easier for our travels, we didn’t plan to take all our luggage with us. A week before checking into Lanson Place, I went to the concierge to find out whether it was possible for us to drop off some luggage to be stored for the week we were away in the Philippines. I must admit that before I went to find out from the concierge about storing our luggage, I had my doubts because the chances of a hotel storing luggage for you for a week is rare in most hotels. Not only was I greeted with warmth from the staff but they were happy to store our luggage at the hotel for a week before our checkin absolutely free of charge!

Our stay at Lanson Place was more than fabulous, the rooms were stunning, the views were amazing, the colour scheme was homey, welcoming and very chic. The moment you step foot into the hotel on the ground floor, a fresh scent of apple surrounds you and a swarm of friendly staff greets you and offers to help with your luggage bags. I’ve never felt more at home! I would definitely stay at the Lanson Place Hotel again on my next visit to Hong Kong as the location is extremely convenient, it is a 5 minute walk to SOGO (major department store), Causeway Bay MTR Station and also Times Square.

I have a love-hate relationship with staying at hotels, I love staying at hotels but at the same time I also love my own space where I’m able to make the place I’m staying at a “home” for me, where I could prepare some snacks if I wished to do so or have breakfast in my own room. Lanson Place is the perfect balance between hotel and self-catering accommodation, every room has an oven and hob with an extractor, a mini fridge, basically your own small kitchen. I never made use of the kitchen this time round, I was rather taken aback that it had all those amenities but I’ll definitely keep that in mind for next time.

If all of the above didn’t quite impress you, ever hotel room comes with a handy smartphone which comes complimentary with your stay at the Lanson Place Hotel. So what does this smartphone do you may ask? The smartphone allows the guests to receive direct calls without having to go through the hotel operator and also there’s unlimited 3G internet during your stay. You may take your smartphone out if you wish, whether it’s to browse Facebook or help you find your way around Hong Kong. Say goodbye to buying a local sim card or incurring great expenses from roaming charges.

Since our room was so amazing, I couldn’t resist a lookbook post, especially in my new jumpsuit (it’s open back and I love it). Hope you enjoy the photos!










Hope you enjoyed the post! If you’re going to be in Hong Kong, I definitely recommend the Lanson Place Hotel, see their website for more details!

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8 Top Picks for London

Hello love bugs! Hope you all had a rested long weekend, even though I’m sure most (if not all) are sitting here wondering where exactly this weekend went! What did everyone get up to? I’m sure tons and chocolate bunnies and eggs were consumed these past 4 days, which means lots of gym and healthy eating for the months to come! 🙂 I must admit that I didn’t jump on the Easter train this year, no chocolate bunnies and eggs were consumed, that’s only because I’m very aware of the fact that I’m heading to Hong Kong and the Philippines next week Thursday, which means bikinis, shorts and crop tops will be worn!

After my recent visit to London, I’ve put together a list of the top things to do and things to see in London (according to me at least). These come in no particular order:


1. Oxford Street and Bond Street shopping 

Since our hotel was on Oxford street, this is pretty much what we did on the first day. I must admit that you will see the same shops 5 times on the same street but surprisingly, there are some variations. The best thing about walking down Oxford street is that you feel the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city amidst century old architecture, the buildings in London are absolutely spectacular.


2. Big Ben and London Eye 

You cannot go to London and not visit Big Ben and the London Eye, which are the two iconic structures that represent London in all pictures and souvenirs. There seems to be something about rain and the London Eye though, every time I’ve been, it has rained miserably. If you’re in that area, the London Dungeon is right by the London Eye too, it’s something great for the kids too.


3. Trafalgar Square 

There’s something about Trafalgar Square that I love, perhaps it’s the vibe and the buzzing atmosphere. Trafalgar Square is right outside the National Gallery, if you’re interested to take a look inside.


4. The British Museum 

If you’re into phenomenal architecture, a tour of the ancient times and some good coffee, definitely pay the British Museum a visit, entrance is free. You can also grab a few items in their souvenir shops to remember your experience.


5. The Borough Market 

We absolutely loved the Borough Market, it’s like the Farmers Market in Fourways on STEROIDS!! It’s massive to say the least and there’s food available for varying tastebuds, there are cheeses, wines, sandwiches, meats, breads, fresh produce, coffees, paella, cooked seafood, raw seafood… pretty much everything you can think of. We discovered the most amazing place for oysters, they were HUGE!! 🙂


6. High Tea at Ladurée in Harrods 

If you haven’t yet read about my high tea experience at LadurĂ©e in Hong Kong and what is the perfect macaron, click here. There’s something about going for high tea in London, maybe because the idea is so very English and where is the best place to do it other than where it all started? Harrods is a must, even if you can’t afford anything in there but just to have a stroll and take in all the wonderful things there are in this world, but high tea at LadurĂ©e is a must, their hot chocolate is out of this world!


7. Leicester Square

Also known as “Theatreland” bearing the statue of William Shakespeare in the middle of the square, if you want to watch anything theatrical, you know where to go. Plus, M&M World is there and it’s bigger than the store in New York!


8. Westfield Shopping Centre 

If you’re a shopping centre kinda girl and you cannot imagine braving the cold right now, head to Westfield Shopping Centre, every clothing shop you can imagine is there whether luxury brands or high street brands, I wouldn’t give this one a miss.

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London Day 2

Happy (Good) Friday everyone! What is everyone up to this long weekend? To be honest, these long weekends don’t really make a difference to me anymore, but never the less I’m still excited about Easter weekend because it’s always filled with delicious chocolate eggs and other mouth watering goodies. E and I decided not to go away this year for Easter, considering that we just came back from Londontown, if you’ve missed my London Day 1 post, click here to check it out.

Our intentions were not to cram as many things as we can into our London visit, the purpose of the trip was to go for a quick getaway, relax and enjoy some time overseas together. On our second day in London, we decided to hit up the British Museum, I still remember going there for the first time 10 years ago as if it was yesterday. We did our research beforehand and took note of all the top sections we wanted to see in the museum and off we went. If you’re not a museum kind of person, I highly recommend that you do some research before visiting any museum, find a map online and mark off all the things you want to see. This way you don’t end up walking around aimlessly for hours wasting time that you could have spent doing things that you really love doing. E and I are both into mummies and Egyptian history (strange since we’ve never actually visited Egypt before) so we are always automatically drawn to the Egyptian section when we visit a museum. Hope you enjoy the photos!















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