Perpetuity of Time [with IWC]

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “where did all this time go?” because my mom always said that time goes by the quickest after varsity, and she’s absolutely right! Sometimes I feel as if I’m holding a fist full of sand inside the palm of my hand and just like time, the sand is slipping out between my fingers, and before you know it, it has all slipped away. Since I’ve known this for a while now, I promised myself that I will no longer spend time doing things that I don’t enjoy and I will also no longer spend time with people I don’t care to see. Yet, you will still catch me packing and unpacking the dishwasher every so often, because that’s just how life works.




I’m aware that I’m a little off the radar recently, I haven’t uploaded a video for ages, I don’t post on Instagram as often as I probably should, I hardly go on Twitter anymore but the one thing I’ve been keeping up to date with is Snapchat (so follow me if you aren’t already :)). Like anything, life is just moving in its own rhythm, I’ve been very busy with my studies, partly because my exam is drawing closer and closer and also because I’m going away for almost 2 weeks on Tuesday, 27 September, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to study while I’m away. We are going to Thailand and Singapore, so make sure you follow my adventures on Snapchat so you aren’t missing out! I’ve also been keeping myself busy with real people, human beings, humans that I love spending time with instead of simply catching up on social media. One other thing I’ve been more focused on is my body, in between gym sessions and sessions with my trainer, I also do a bit of yoga and I love all of it! Can’t exactly get mad at me for living right?

I’ve always been fascinated with watches, the complexity of watches, the tiny parts that is involved in allowing you to be able to tell time. I’ve become more intrigued ever since that day I attended a watchmaking class with IWC with a Master Watchmaker (he’s Swiss btw, that’s how you know it’s legit). Attending that class has taught me why good watches, or shall I say GREAT watches are so expensive and why each and every single timepiece is a masterpiece. I feel that an individual’s choice of watches tell a lot about that person, besides aesthetically, does she like automatic or quartz, does she prefer leather strap or metal, does she prefer round dials or square dials? There is so much to tell about one’s choice in watches, each watch has it’s own story. This is precisely the reason I fell in love with the IWC Portofino Automatic Moonphase for the Laureus Sport Awards for Good Foundation, it is a limited edition with only 1500 pieces worldwide, and I had the privilege to test drive one (number 725 to be exact) for one week. The simplicity, class and elegance of this beautiful timepiece resonates with my personality perfectly, it’s slightly masculine but feminine enough for a lady, and it is beautiful yet understated.


Time is forever running, your watch may stop but time itself will forever be slipping away from you. Make sure you’re spending each and every single day with the ones you love and doing things you enjoy. Just like your watch, be someone with a story to tell.


With love…xxx


Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hi everyone! Sticking to tradition, I’ve put together my Christmas Wishlist for 2015. Can you believe that it’s almost end of the year already?? Where did all this time go? I feel that this year went by quicker than any other year in my life! They say time flies when you’re having the most fun, I guess it’s true but this fun lasted a full year for me. This was the year I took a leap of faith, quit law indefinitely to do what I’ve always wanted to do, to travel, to start my own business and ventures and I had the most fun doing it! This is also an important year because we got Buddy and he’s going to be here for a long long time with us. Don’t get me wrong, this year wasn’t all butterflies and daisies, but the unhappy times were so insignificant and so far and few in between that I almost don’t even recall any.

Every year when I sit down and plan my wish list, I get all giggly and excited. Even though I know I won’t be getting everything on the list but it makes me giggly and excited because I know that somewhere, someone is going to come across my list while looking for gift inspiration and at least something on this list is going to make someone very very happy. That makes me happy too because we all want nice things, finer things, and even if we can’t have them now, we get so much joy getting to know them.

Enough of the blabbing, here are the items on my Christmas Wishlist this year 🙂

GIVENCHY Antigona Medium Tote


I have been eyeing out this beauty for a while now and it has been spotted on Miranda Kerr, and just about every Kardashian and every celebrity right now. This beautiful masterpiece come in a variety of colours and sizes but I am interested in the black one, just because I feel that this would make the perfect travelling companion.

CARTIER Juste un Clou Bracelet 


Another signature piece by Cartier, this baby comes in pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, with or without diamonds. Basically a colour and sparkle for every taste and pocket. This collection don’t just come in bracelets though, there’s a whole collection of rings, earrings and necklaces but the bracelet is obviously the one I love the most. This collection is reportedly designed in the 1970’s and is the expression of “rebellious nature and expression of self-belief”. How beautiful?

TOM FORD Lips and Boys Gift Set


Tom Ford has really outdone themselves once again with the return of their best selling lipsticks. I’m specifically looking at this beautiful 10 piece gift set, are you seeing what I’m seeing right now? I, no doubt will make use of every single colour in this set. They are to die and since everyone is raving about them, I just had to put it on my list.

CANON 70D DSLR Camera 


For those who have been wanting to play around with photography for sometime, I highly recommend this camera, partly because I just purchased my own but also because it is the best in its price range. We’re taking about videos, photos and very importantly it has a Wifi function so you can easily transfer photos straight to your phone from your camera. Of course lenses are important, make sure you save up for that because good lenses don’t come cheaply. What’s great is that you can also flip your viewfinder around for whilst you are filming yourself, this is for aspiring Youtubers obviously.

APPLE iWatch 


No matter how much I convince myself that I really don’t need one, I always catch myself looking at it when I’m at the iStore or looking at the various straps available for people from all walks of life. Say what you want about it and how it will depreciate in front of your eyes and how it’s a gimmick… bla bla fish paste, they are here to stay. From monitoring your daily activities, to heart rates, to making phone calls, to drawing little cute pictures to your loved ones, I’m definitely getting one of those! Plus you can change the straps to complement your outfit, how fitting. 🙂

CHANEL Espadrilles 


Another pair of beauty soles I’ve been eyeing out all year, and I know these aren’t new but I have seen them everywhere, especially on Kendall Jenner (we love her style). They also come in a variety of colours and textures, I love these classic ones. Apparently they are super comfy and the ultimate summer fashion accessory.

Dolce & Gabbana Sunnies


I can’t help myself but add these gorgeous sunnies in. This is part of the Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 collection but since we are on opposite poles of the earth, naturally we will be wearing these for summer. I’m a girl who loves the classics and these babies have gold metal temples, which I love, and comes in various colours too, even with mirrors lenses. Oh I cannot wait!

That’s everything on my list this year, from shoes to gadgets! Are you looking for more gift inspiration for a special someone? Check out these awesome gift guides, courtesy of Gumtree:

Click here for Gifts for Fashionistas OR Click here for Gifts for Decoristas 🙂

Enjoy shopping!

With love…xxx

The Perfect Ring with Shimansky

Hi everyone! Happy New Week! As many of you know, I’ve been engaged since last year and even though I haven’t quite started planning the wedding yet but I’ve been doing casual shopping for the wedding band. At every chance I get, I like to see my options and what kind of wedding bands are out there. Since this is something I hold very close to my heart, I want to make sure it is perfect since it’s something I have to live with for the rest of my life.

As norms are constantly shifting with the ever changing mind-set of the society, the traditional “wedding band” in the sense is no longer the norm for a lot of people. Some people still do get the traditional wedding band, some prefer just wearing the engagement ring as both the engagement and the wedding band, and some prefer a whole new “engagement ring” on its own. I have done some wedding band shopping when I had the opportunity to, referring to London in March at Tiffany & Co, Cartier here in South Africa and now recently Shimansky. Initially I did want a traditional wedding band with diamonds all-round but I really didn’t want to detract the attention away from my engagement ring if I wore them together (these are seriously some of the things you have to consider). If you are looking for a ring, whether an engagement ring, or a promise ring, I hope my post will give you some options and some insight into our very own Shimansky.

The founder, designer and creator of Shimanky, Yair Shimanky started his business in selling jewellery at a Durban market in the ’90s. Later his opened up his very first jewellery store at The Pavillion in Durban. All Shimansky diamonds not only comes with international certification from the GIA but all diamonds are cut and polished locally, at the Shimansky Diamond Cutting and Polishing Factory in Cape Town. That said, here are my top 5 ring picks (in no particular order) where the design is rather exclusive to Shimansky:

My Girl Microset Ring Shimansky_My Girl ring_high res My Girl_5R02185b-white

My Girl Designer Diamond Ring 

This is world’s first square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table and the only internationally patented diamond cut to originate from South Africa. The centre diamond is surrounded by round-cut diamonds, with a row going down the band. I never thought that I would like a square-cut diamond before this one. How beautiful are they??? Simply breath-taking!


2 Hearts Engagement Ring

This design involves a round-cut centre diamond set on 2 hearts. There is a heart on either side but when you view the ring from the top, it looks almost like a rose. Absolutely stunning! You can actually the metal, the picture above is the rose gold and I think it really complements the setting.

Evolym_9R00148a-white (3)


For those who don’t know, this collection is basically “My Love” written backwards, super romantic gesture as a matter of fact. The centre diamond is set on two bands with another thinner band in the centre. You have the option of making the centre band set with small round-cut diamonds.

Circle of Love

Circle of Love

This collection is classy and discreet. From the top, it looks like a plain band but from the side view, you are able to see the small round-cut diamonds around the band on either side.

Microset diamond band_9B00002b-white

Microset Diamond Band

This is one of the rings that I tried on at the store, it is a very classic piece and it is in the Classic Collection at Shimansky. What I like about this is that the band is quite thin and it complements my engagement ring without detracting the attention away from it.

Of course, a trip to the jewellers is not complete without being introduced to and trying on some other pieces with no intention of purchasing. It is always fun to playing dress up with beautiful diamonds and tanzanite. Plus the staff were so friendly and informative at the store in Nelson Mandela Square, I almost didn’t want to leave. Below are some pictures we took while I browsed their collections.












Shimansky has recently come out with their Holidays Catalogue, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking for a special gift for a special someone, because a little bling never hurt anyone. 🙂

With love…xxx