Introducing Luxe Beauty Lashes

Hi everyone!!

Hope you’re all having an amazing week! As I have mentioned before, I’ve been working on a project for most part of this year and I couldn’t be happier to announce that it is finally complete, and by complete I mean that I can finally introduce it to you all! 🙂 As you may also know, I’m a huge fan of lashes, especially those beautiful long, dark, wispy lashes that make my eyes pop! I have been on the hunt for good quality, value for money lashes for a long time and I’ve experimented with lash extensions, false lash strips, temporary lash bundles that you apply yourself, you name it. Now finally I can introduce to you lashes that I’ve hand selected myself for my new brand Luxe Beauty Lashes. Currently there are 10 styles and all Luxe Beauty Lashes are hard crafted with 100% A Grade sterilised human hair. I have plans to introduce mink fur lashes too in the near future and we are currently formulating our own glue as well.

We are also currently running a promotion for free courier delivery anywhere in SA if you purchase over R350 plus a free gift! Definitely check it out! Don’t forget to follow the Facebook fan page for tips and tricks, also regular updates on the store. CLICK HERE to go to the Luxe Beauty Lash store. Otherwise the website address is

With love…xxx

5 Favourite Lip Balms of All Time

Hi my loves! Now that the heat wave has finally passed leaving me with lips on the dry side, I figured I should share with all of you my 5 favourite lip balms of all time. If anything, I’m extremely picky when it comes to lip balms because I hate those that are thick and sticky but it also mustn’t be oily and runny. I’m constantly scouring the shops and online for lip balms, and I must admit I have a very bad habit of buying lip balms and only using them a few times and then moving onto another. That said, I’ve thought about it long and hard and finally managed to come up with 5 (trust me I narrowed it down A LOT) of my all time favourites! These are still available now in stores because there were also some that I loved but discontinued, and there’s no point mentioning those.

How do I rate my lip balms? Well there are a few factors I look at when deciding whether it is a great product or not, firstly, what is the texture like? Is it thick and goopy or is it soft and creamy? Secondly, the staying power on my lips. Staying power isn’t only for lipsticks, I want my lip balms to stay on my lips for as long as it can because then I know it’s doing its job at moisturising my lips. Thirdly, whether the scent is bearable for me. Honestly I don’t know why certain products smell like soap and it is meant for the lips, how are people supposed to bear it? Naturally I’m more attracted to products that are either fragrance free, candy scented or rose. I’ve tried products that are really good but unfortunately smells terrible so they didn’t make it to the list. We are looking at the whole package here. 🙂 Here are my 5 favourite lip balms of all time, in no particular order:


La Mer – The Lip Balm

This is one of my all time favourites! I love everything about it, it definitely has the full package. The consistency is light but very moisturising, it’s not sticky but stays on your lips for ages. The scent is a sweet mint and it even tastes good! I can’t say enough good things about this lip balm! I feel that La Mer lip balm is really overlooked because most people know the brand for their facial products so if you get a chance, I highly highly recommend this product!


Christian Dior – Creme de Rose 

I love these jar lip balms, as much as I may dislike using my fingers but most jar like balms are way more creamier than normal lip balms in a stick form. The Creme de Rose has a creamy light pink tinge and has a very creamy consistency. The best part is that is smells like rose, not old granny rose but really delicious rose macaron type of rose. The consistency is slightly different to La Mer because this is creamier but not as light, still a favourite none-the-less! I bought mine from New York, apparently they used to sell them here in SA but not anymore unfortunately 🙁



This is the balm I use before I go to sleep because it goes on quite thick (but not sticky) and it’s very convenient to apply (no fingers needed). Plus it comes in so many different scents, there’s a scent for everyone. This one in the picture is vanilla mint, the scent actually reminds me of my La Mer but like a 10th of the price.


Khiel’s Lip Balm 

At first I wasn’t a fan of this balm because it seemed quite oily to me but then I went back to using it and I really fell in love with it. I also have the original, which is no scent, I actually prefer that over the cranberry.  It is very light so I wouldn’t recommend using it before bedtime but it is great for while you’re applying makeup and before you apply a lipstick. It makes the lipstick goes on smoother, especially if you’re using a matte colour.


Blistex – DCT

I’ve mentioned this product before and it is still one of my favourites! I love the consistency, it is not a creamy consistency but it goes on really smooth. I feel that the best way to apply this lip balm is to really get your finger in there, sometimes I use my nail to pick some out. It really helps if your lips are sunburnt and especially if it is cracked, this really works like magic!

Now that I’ve shared with you my 5 favourite lip balms of all time, which is your favourite? Let me know because I’m always keen to try new lip balms!

With love…xxx