Birthday Wishlist 2014

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that’s it’s that time of the year again, the months are flying by so quickly and it’s my birthday month! 🙂 I’ve always been super excited about my birthday, I started this birthday month thing about 2 years ago because my birthday is at the end of the month (30 March) so I figured… “Hey, why not celebrate the whole month!”. Since it’s not possible to be celebrating my birthday every single day for an entire month considering there are work commitments and so forth, I promised myself that I’ll treat myself really well this month. Which means, no restricted food consumption, lots of delicious wine, gifts of all sorts, weekly pampering sessions and the best thing about this month is that we booked our flights for our holiday in April 😀 I’ve put together a list (much like my Xmas Wishlist HERE) which contains a few glamorous items and also to give you some gift ideas for a loved one this month. These come in no particular order of preference…

1. Chanel Boy Bag – “I would die happy tomorrow”


2. DOT by Marc Jacobs – the sweetest scent in the cutest bottle


3. Celine Large Audrey Sunglasses – Because sunnies are good for the soul


4. Louis Vuitton Vivienne Bag – Because a wishlist is just not complete without a Louis


5. iPad Mini with Retina Display – although I just recently purchased one as part of my birthday month celebrations, its a gift idea none the less


6. Moroccanoil – you can never have too many good hair products


7. Balenciaga Le Dix – a creation by the great Alexander Wang


8. Tiffany & Co Infinity Ring – the best gift comes in a blue box


Voila! The birthday wishlist! Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

With love…xxx

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