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Hi everyone! Tonight I’ve decided to stay in, not only because my feet are just not made for walking (I’m literally on the verge of getting blisters on BOTH pinky toes) and also I’ve decided to actually stay in and enjoy this hotel that I’ve paid a vast amount for. I’m not going to lie, Washington DC isn’t quite New York City. I miss New York City so much and I’ll only be going back for one more night on Friday, just in time for Halloween and also the parade which we will be partaking. 🙂


As I arrived in New York, one of the first things on my mind was… GlamGlow. I’ve heard youtube bloggers rave about it, magazines rave about it and everyone who has access to it and have tried it all swear by it. I was very sceptical at first because I’ve tried many mud masks before and it really didn’t impress me. So at first I just asked for samples, which I tried and immediately the next day I headed over to make sure I had enough GlamGlow to last me the whole year!



No words can describe this product, truly, the YouthMud is my favourite! I’ve tried the ThirstyMud, SuperMud and YouthMud (yes I have a slight obsession). My skin was velvet to the touch after I used YouthMud, it was so so so soft and smooth. When you first apply it, you get a tingly sensation (ok it’s more than tingly) and it has these small pieces of, I’m not sure if it’s seaweed or some form of tree?! That is for the exfoliating after the 10min when you rinse off the product. The only thing that I disliked is the tight feeling you get on your face when it dries, like all mud masks but it was truly an amazing feeling once you can look past that.

There’s also the ThirstyMud which is so perfect for dry skin and since I have dry skin, I’ve always been pretty obsessed with keeping it hydrated. The ThirstyMud also gives you a tingly sensation when you have it on but it doesn’t have any exfoliating action.


Expensive? Yes! Is it worth it? YES! A little goes a long long way and no regrets! I got the Christmas Gift Set because then I get all 3 for the price of one! Perfect! 🙂 If you want more details on this or want to purchase a set, you can email me on or comment below 🙂

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