7 Way to Stress-Free Festive Shopping

Hi everyone! I decided to put this article together because it’s something that I hold quite close to my heart (also because I hate shopping malls). As much as I love shopping and I’m sure so do many of you out there, it can be rather stressful during the festive season and it’s even more stressful when you have those early birds yapping and telling you how they have completed all their Christmas shopping 2 months in advance bla bla bla. After thinking through this carefully and remembering all my past experiences, I’ve come up with a fool proof list of tips to help you along with your festive shopping stress-free!


1. Write up a list 

This seems like a rather obvious one but I believe that the human brains are made not to remember but rather to forget. Countless times I recall not writing a list because “I only need a few things so I’ll remember” but trust me, the minute you step into the shop, it can be a little overwhelming and you become distracted by other goodies so you always end up forgetting one item!


2. Separate your list into groups

If you have a long list of items, I recommend separating them into different groups. This is for your own convenience really, so basically everything that you can get in one store, or one mall, or one section of the mall, you group them together. This way, whenever you have the time to go shopping, you target your list in groups. This way, you won’t end up spending the entire day driving around or walking around in a mall and absolutely hating life and cursing every person you’re buying a present for.


3. Do your shopping online

I think online shopping has evolved to an extent where it is easily accessible and also convenient. It is no longer the case where the prices are excessively higher than at the shops. In fact, during this time of the year, there are often promotions and specials running for online stores. You’ll not only avoid busy malls and stores but all your goodies will be wrapped up and delivered right to your door.


4. Wake up early 

I know many of us would much rather sleep in on our weekends off, or in my case I would rather go to gym in the morning over the weekends. If you’re employed full time and you can only do your festive shopping over the weekend then trust me when I say it makes your life a LOT easier waking up early and be inside the mall at 9am (generally when the doors open). Not only do you not stress over finding a parking bay but the shopping malls are generally quite empty so you don’t have to worry about people overstepping into your comfort zone.


5. Hit the streets 

I know it’s convenient to just go to a mall and buy all that you need there but if you feel like doing something different, try hitting the streets. We have tons of small boutique stores in the Parkhurst area and also in Maboneng, that also need some loving. By doing your shopping there, not only are you supporting small and local businesses but you’ll enjoy your day so much more because there are lots of small, arty cafes in the area where you can rest your feet and stop for a glass of wine or some coffee.


6. DIY

I know we may not all have time for DIYs right now but if you do, there are tons of DIY gift and decor ideas. Small silly things such as Christmas cards, Christmas tree decor and even small gifts can all be made by yours truly. The best place to go scavenging for ideas, Pinterest of course!


7. Make use of the freezer 

Leaving all your food shopping is not a good idea, have you seen how empty Woolies can be during the festive season? Foods that you can freeze should be bought early, such as the turkey or gammon and other meats.

Viola! Hope you enjoyed some of my festive shopping tips! Any tips of your own? You can comment below or email me! 🙂

With love…xxx

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