Lookbook: Lady Stripes

Good morning and happy Wednesday my loves! Hope you’re all having a great week so far and keeping warm because it has been super cold here in Jozi this week! Why has Winter only hit us in full force now when it’s nearing the end of July?? For those who don’t know yet, I’ve finally created a Facebook page for my blog! Actually I’ve had it for some time now but I just haven’t published it, oh I don’t know, maybe because I was embarrassed or I had a fear that no one would like my page! Silly silly me! 🙂 So please go and like my page and share with your friends, I would really appreciate that. I’m also running a little giveaway on my blog, I’m giving away a pack of 6 sheet masks, basically my holy grail product that I cannot live without. I use it twice a week, it helps to keep my skin, soft and supple. If you want to give it a try, click here to enter and follow the simple instructions.

I haven’t worn this navy coat this whole year because it hasn’t been cold enough to but this weekend really got me pulling out all my winter clothes because it was freezing! I decided to wear it with my stripes and a black skirt with stockings of course (it’s too cold not to). I used to think that no one should ever wear horizontal striped clothes because it made people look fat but I was so wrong, horizontal stripes look so much better than vertical stripes. There’s something about vertical stripes that just doesn’t look right for me unless it’s trousers then I think it looks fantastic! I actually wanted to wear my hair in a low bun for this with red lips but I was in a bit of a hurry and I had just washed my hair so it wasn’t quite behaving the way I wanted it to. What do you think?







What I’m wearing: 

Stripy long sleeves by H&M

Skirt by Forever New SA

Stockings from Woolworths

Coat by Forever New SA

Heels by Steve Madden

Sunnies by Vivienne Westwood

Bag by Michael Kors

With love…xxx

Lookbook: When It Rains

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great relaxing weekend and ready to take on the week! The greatest thing about Joburg living is that you get to experience all four seasons in one day. I used to think that way about Cape Town when I still lived there but Joburg is just same thing. I remember on Friday last week, I woke up to pouring raining only to get up and see sunshine streaming in through the windows, I was very confused! Friday’s weather was a bit bipolar so I decided that it would only be safe to step out of the house with my Blunt Umbrella. I decided to do something different with the photos since the umbrella is in super bright pink and I was in wearing monotone  (Monotone Monday?). I had so much fun playing with the umbrella during the shoot, I’m pretty sure you can tell.

I’m not exactly sure why but I feel that on gloomy days, my skin tone looks a bit pasty, maybe it’s just the lighting. 🙂 On another day, keep reading till the end for a giveaway! It’s nothing major but just a little something to show my appreciation for you guys!








What I’m wearing: 

Beanie from a store in Taiwan

Pullover from Country Road

Riding pants from Country Road

Slip-ons from Shanghai

Earrings from Forever New

Blunt Umbrella


If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I’m obsessed with sheet masks, especially the ones from Asian countries. They are my holy grail products and I absolutely cannot live without them. I use them twice a week and it really does make a difference to my complexion and overall elasticity of my skin. I’m not surprised that all the celebrities are currently raving over them with sheet mask selfies all over social media. I purchased these while I was in Shanghai and I love them! It says it’s “whitening” but don’t be alarmed, it just means that it evens out your skin tone as opposed to actually whitening your skin. There are 6 sheet masks in one box and I’m giving it away to one of my readers! 🙂 Like I said, it’s not something huge but I like to do giveaways every now and again to show my appreciation to my readers.

How to enter: 

1. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and/ or Snapchat (whichever one you have).

2. Share the home page of my blog or any one of your favourite posts on one of your social media platforms.

3. Comment on this post with your full name and email address. 🙂

THAT’S IT! Winner will be announced next week Friday, 7 August 2015. Good luck! 🙂

With love…xxx

Let’s Talk Auto Maintenance

Happy Friday everyone! I know I still need to fill you all in on my shark cage diving experience, that will come next week I promise, together with the giveaway! After my Ford collaboration, I received a few emails from you asking me about the Ford Fiesta, specifically the one I was test-driving; how I liked the car and how much it is. To be 100% honest, I have no idea how much the one that I was driving would cost you but what I do is that the starting price of Ford Fiestas is currently just under R200 000  and the one that I was test-driving is in the colour Deep Impact Blue and the interior was all black with leather seats. If you missed the post, click here to catch up.

Ford Fiesta Collaboration Overview

Ford Fiesta Collaboration Overview

I’m probably not the best person to ask about cars because I’m a typical girl’s girl and I have no clue about cars, all I really know is the brand and there are certain things I want in a car, for example it’s important for me that the car has parking sensors, leather seats, air-conditioning and a sun roof. Everyone is different and your requirements for a car may differ from others, but one thing that we all want is to maintain our vehicles in its prime condition for resale. Plus if you think that buying a brand new car is not on the cards for you, there are always alternative places to find second hand cars such as Gumtree (I know a few friends who have sold and bought cars from Gumtree).

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a car, take a look at the Gumtree Auto Guide where it includes tons of articles on DIY car maintenance and also tips about buying and selling cars. I somehow found myself reading an article on there that lists 10 Car Maintenance Hacks (love those Hacks articles) and did you know that you can fix dents in your car with dry ice? I’m not going to give away all the hacks but you should definitely take a look at it, regardless of whether you’re looking to sell or buy or keep your car well-maintained. Hope this helps you and have a great weekend!

With love…xxx