Lookbook: Shades of Summer

Hello my loves! It feels so good to be shooting my lookbook posts in familiar places, back here in Jozi. Not saying that I didn’t enjoy doing lookbook shoots in London but home is where the heart is. As we kiss the last few days of summer goodbye this year, I must say I’m super excited for autumn and winter because things are getting calmer, there’s no more summer craziness, it’s a completely different vibe. The best part is that I get to experiment with layers and luckily for us South Africans, it doesn’t get as cold as New York or London so there’s no need for us to walk around like eskimos. 🙂

I cannot believe that in 10 days time we will be traveling again, this trip has been planned for months now, we are going to Hong Kong and the Philippines again! I just love the Philippines so much, I need at least one beach holiday a year. Last time we never had a chance to stay in Manila (capital of Philippines) but this time we will be staying there for a night then spending 5 days in Boracay. 🙂 This trip will be quite the opposite compared to our London trip, while London was pretty cold, we will be stepping into some major humidity in Hong Kong and Philippines.

E and I are shopping for a new camera, which is pretty exciting because we’ve had the Canon for about 5 years now. We’re thinking of switching to a Nikon! Any tips from Nikon or Canon users? What do you recommend that we get? I would love to hear from you, so comment below or pop me an email!

I decided to pair up some jeans with a plain t-shirt, I’m getting more and more casual these days but I think it’s good to change things up every now and again. It’s no fun dressing up like a princess ALL the time. 🙂 Plus I really wanted to draw the attention to my new YSL bag, I’m absolutely obsessed with it! It’s a birthday present to myself this year and my newest baby! 🙂 I’ve had some questions on storing my bags and maintaining their value etc. I’ve done a good deal of research so I’ll be doing a post on that soon. Hope you enjoy this look!














What I’m wearing: 

T-shirt from Forever 21 (Hong Kong)

Jeans by Zara (London)

Converse sneakers

YSL Université Satchel

With love…xxx

London Day 2

Happy (Good) Friday everyone! What is everyone up to this long weekend? To be honest, these long weekends don’t really make a difference to me anymore, but never the less I’m still excited about Easter weekend because it’s always filled with delicious chocolate eggs and other mouth watering goodies. E and I decided not to go away this year for Easter, considering that we just came back from Londontown, if you’ve missed my London Day 1 post, click here to check it out.

Our intentions were not to cram as many things as we can into our London visit, the purpose of the trip was to go for a quick getaway, relax and enjoy some time overseas together. On our second day in London, we decided to hit up the British Museum, I still remember going there for the first time 10 years ago as if it was yesterday. We did our research beforehand and took note of all the top sections we wanted to see in the museum and off we went. If you’re not a museum kind of person, I highly recommend that you do some research before visiting any museum, find a map online and mark off all the things you want to see. This way you don’t end up walking around aimlessly for hours wasting time that you could have spent doing things that you really love doing. E and I are both into mummies and Egyptian history (strange since we’ve never actually visited Egypt before) so we are always automatically drawn to the Egyptian section when we visit a museum. Hope you enjoy the photos!















What I’m wearing: 

Grey jacket from a boutique in Taiwan

Scarf from H&M

Jeans from Zara London

Shoes by River Island

Louis Vuitton Crossbody bag

Beanie from a boutique in Taiwan

Have a great weekend!! 🙂 Speak soon!

With love…xxx

London Day 1

Hi my loves!! Sorry I’ve been so MIA on the blog lately, I just had the most manic 2 weeks of my life! Now let me take you waaaay back, since I’m doing the get to know me on a more personal level kinda thang 😉 Starting on the week of 16th March which is about 2 weeks ago, E and I attended a stunning wedding at the Shepstone Gardens on the Thursday, on Friday we attended a surprise 30th then Saturday we celebrated my most amazing’s birthdays at Kong with some friends, got home at about 5am on Sunday, yes… I know! Then Monday I flew to Port Elizabeth for the new Ford Focus launch, had the most amazing time with the most amazing people! Got back to Johannesburg on Tuesday morning, then attended E’s MBA graduation ceremony in the afternoon, which was followed by dinner and drinks with some friends to celebrate his great achievement, I’m super super proud of him! Wednesday and Thursday was spent doing admin and packing for our London trip! We left for London on Thursday night and got back this morning at 7am… so yes I am shattered with exhaustion but I have so many amazing memories that I would like to share with all of you. Bits and pieces of it all will be coming up later on the blog including some pre-london photos from my High Tea experience at the Saxon will also be uploaded. Apologies for all this slacking 🙂

Since London is still fresh on my mind, I think it’s a good idea to start with some photos from the first day that we were there. E and I went to London for my birthday and also just a quick getaway since we both haven’t been for so long. The last time I was in London was probably 10 years ago so I was super excited to explore the city again and see the changes over the years. We arrived on Friday morning at 6am so we took our sweet time getting out of the airport and to our hotel.  The cheapest way to travel in London is visa the underground without a doubt, it is extremely convenient because there are stations scattered all over London with trains at minute intervals but be prepared for rush hour manic. During our time in London, we stayed at The Cumberland Hotel, which is a Guoman Hotel, the location is fantastic! It is right on Oxford street (which is where all the shopping is) and plus it is right next to the Marble Arch station on the Central Line. After we checked into the hotel, it was about 10am, they were nice enough to let us check in early, generally hotels don’t allow check-ins this early. We unpacked, freshened up and decided to spend the day shopping and walking around Oxford Street. We took a train to Piccadilly Circus so we can start our day’s adventure from Tottenham Court Road, the station there is closed temporarily for revamp and will only re-open in December.

How convenient it is that we always manage to stumble into China Town everywhere we go, the China Town in London is by far the cleanest one I’ve ever been to. The streets were clean and the restaurants were rather pleasant to be in. So we stopped off to start our day with an Asian style breakfast and then we were on our way. Hope you enjoy the photos!
















 What I’m wearing: 

Fluffy jersey by Forever 21 New York 

Scarf by H&M New York 

Zara leather jacket from SA

Riding pants from Country Road 

Louis Vuitton cross body bag

Booties by Steve Madden

Hope you enjoyed my little catch up and some photos taken on the first day in London! On another note, Hong Kong in 2 weeks!! 🙂

With love…xxx