Maintain the Value of Your Handbag

Hi my loves! Today’s the day! I’ll be off to the airport in a couple of hours but before I make my way, I just wanted to publish another post for you guys as I probably won’t have time to do so tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend and follow my trip on Snapchat 🙂 Add me on @lovemarylu and I’ll try my best in keeping you updated on the ins and outs of my trip.

I promised that I would do a post and share my knowledge of looking after handbags as well as to maintain the value of designer handbags. If a fire were to break out in my home and I only had time to pack a suitcase the size of a carry-on luggage bag, I would probably fill it up with my designer handbags! Yes, I take great pride in my handbags and I consider them to be my prized possessions, so should you! Whether they are designer items or not, especially if they are leather handbags then you should definitely look after them properly to ensure that you can get the longest use out of them as well as to maintain it value for future resale.


In order to maintain the velue and also to preserve the beauty of your handbags…


1. Avoid contact with water, grease and perfumes or any liquids that contain alcohol.


2. If your bag comes to contact with water, instead of wiping it vigorously with a cloth, rather dab it gently to absorb all the water. Remember, always use a light coloured cloth, don’t use a dark cloth on light colours.


3. DO NOT clean your bag with products intended for other uses like alcohol, oils, stain removers, washing powders etc, if your bag is leather then I recommend that you use a leather cleaner (NOT shoe polish) or if your bag is canvas or faux leather, use a damp cloth.


4. Use a dust bag when storing your handbags, most designer handbags come with one but if you don’t have one, they are super easy to make. Just stitch 2 pieces of cloth together that is big enough to store your bag.


5. Keep your bags out of direct sunlight. If your bag is leather and light coloured (white or beige), contact with direct sunlight could tan the leather and make it appear darker. As you can see from the picture below, I’ve had my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for a while now and it’s my travel bag because it can hold so much stuff but it has also been in the sun quite a bit. When I first bought this bag, the leather trimmings were a lot more pale and now it appears to be a lot more tanned. Everyone is different and I quite like it this way, it sort of has a vintage look to it.


6. When storing your handbag, stuff it with tissue or white paper to preserve the original shape of your handbag.



You have maintained the value of your handbag, now what? Believe it or not, certain vintage second-hand handbags are sold for more than the newer designs. In many European and Asian countries, second-hand shops that specialise in genuine designer handbags are hugely popular, most of the handbags are out of season (no surprise there) and are in prime condition, which are naturally sold for a better price. Why do people buy second-hand designer handbags you may ask? Firstly, it is much cheaper to buy a second-hand designer bag than the new one, even if the owner only used it for a year. Secondly, some designs have been discontinued or from previous seasons but you may really really want it and it’s not available anywhere else but second-hand.

Where to buy or sell your second-hand/new bags here in South Africa:

I’ve seen some ads on Gumtree recently where the owner is putting up their second-hand bags for sale. For those who are looking to sell, here’s a Seller’s Guide on selling your items on Gumtree and how to effectively advertise your products for sale.

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Clarins Double Serum and Face Treatment Oil Review

Hi my loves! Sorry for being a little quiet over the weekend! I’m back to packing my bags again because E and I are leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow! Time is really flying! This time, 2 friends will be joining us on our little adventure so I’m really looking forward to that. Remember previously I mentioned that I’m looking to get a new camera? I’m thinking of perhaps getting a GoPro instead since our camera is still in great working condition but just slightly old, this way I’ll be able to record our adventure in the form of videos instead of photos, would you guys like to see that? 🙂 Let me know!

I’ve been so boring with my beauty products lately and haven’t really tried anything new. Maybe because I was just so comfortable with my beauty and skin routine that I decided to give all new products a miss. I’ve decided that I don’t really want to be the blogger who buys absolutely everything and anything to try anymore, I’m quite picky and selective with the products that I use and I hope you, as my readers, can relate and appreciate that.


With that being said, I’ve been using the Clarins Double Serum and also the Clarins Face Treatment Oil in the last 2 months or so. I’ve been wanting to do this post for ages but I just wanted to give myself some more time so I know for definite whether these two products are hits or misses with me. The reason why I’ve decided to post on these two products together is because I started using them both around the same time. I’ve been wanting to try the Facial Treatment Oil for longer because as you may know by following my blog, I have dry skin and I went through a time about two months ago where my skin around my nose and mouth was flaking pretty badly. I haven’t had skin problems like that since last winter!


Of course I did my research beforehand and I went straight to Red Square intending on purchasing the Facial Treatment Oil and also to pick up a serum and since there has been so much rave about the Double Serum, I decided to pick that up too. The Clarins lady was very helpful and gave me many tips on using these 2 products. One of the tips she gave me (later confirmed by many other beauty experts) is that we shouldn’t actually rub in our serums or treatment oils, instead we should warm the product between our palms and then firmly press it into our skin using both our palms. This way, the skin will absorb the products easier and less is wasted by the rubbing motion.

So how do I feel about the 2 products? I love them both! The serum smells absolutely amazing, the scent is not strong and slightly citrus. I’m currently using the Blue Orchid Treatment Facial Oil, the scent is a bit strong, not quite what I’m used to, it has an aromatic type of scent to it which can be pretty therapeutic. I don’t use both products every day because the serum can be too rich for my youthful skin according to the Clarins lady so she recommended that I use it every second day and then the treatment oil in between in place of the serum. I definitely notice a difference the day after I use the serum, my skin looks less tired, less grey and more healthier looking. It gives me a certain kind of healthy glow as if I’ve just used BB cream but I didn’t (if you use BB cream then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). My skin seems more even but then again, I’ve never had an issue with discolouration. My nose and mouth areas are no longer flaky and dry, thanks to the treatment oil and the serum, more so the treatment oil I think as it is more moisturising. A few drops of the oil goes a long way, I generally use about 3 drops of the oil before my moisturiser.

A little bit more about the Double Serum:

The serum is a anti-aging concentrate and claims to contain over 20 plant extracts. The serum has a dual chamber system where the water-base and the oil-base is kept separated and only once you pump the product, does the two combine. The serum claims to firm skin, even out the skin tone and reduce wrinkles in 4 weeks.

At my age, it’s not necessary to be using an anti-aging serum but have you noticed that most serums are anti-aging or claims to prevent early aging. My main reason to start using a serum like this sparingly is to prevent as I believe that prevention is better than cure, I really believe that by the time you actually need this serum, it’s too late. Rather now than later. 🙂

For more information on the two products, click here.

Hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions, I’m an email away! 🙂

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8 Top Picks for London

Hello love bugs! Hope you all had a rested long weekend, even though I’m sure most (if not all) are sitting here wondering where exactly this weekend went! What did everyone get up to? I’m sure tons and chocolate bunnies and eggs were consumed these past 4 days, which means lots of gym and healthy eating for the months to come! 🙂 I must admit that I didn’t jump on the Easter train this year, no chocolate bunnies and eggs were consumed, that’s only because I’m very aware of the fact that I’m heading to Hong Kong and the Philippines next week Thursday, which means bikinis, shorts and crop tops will be worn!

After my recent visit to London, I’ve put together a list of the top things to do and things to see in London (according to me at least). These come in no particular order:


1. Oxford Street and Bond Street shopping 

Since our hotel was on Oxford street, this is pretty much what we did on the first day. I must admit that you will see the same shops 5 times on the same street but surprisingly, there are some variations. The best thing about walking down Oxford street is that you feel the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city amidst century old architecture, the buildings in London are absolutely spectacular.


2. Big Ben and London Eye 

You cannot go to London and not visit Big Ben and the London Eye, which are the two iconic structures that represent London in all pictures and souvenirs. There seems to be something about rain and the London Eye though, every time I’ve been, it has rained miserably. If you’re in that area, the London Dungeon is right by the London Eye too, it’s something great for the kids too.


3. Trafalgar Square 

There’s something about Trafalgar Square that I love, perhaps it’s the vibe and the buzzing atmosphere. Trafalgar Square is right outside the National Gallery, if you’re interested to take a look inside.


4. The British Museum 

If you’re into phenomenal architecture, a tour of the ancient times and some good coffee, definitely pay the British Museum a visit, entrance is free. You can also grab a few items in their souvenir shops to remember your experience.


5. The Borough Market 

We absolutely loved the Borough Market, it’s like the Farmers Market in Fourways on STEROIDS!! It’s massive to say the least and there’s food available for varying tastebuds, there are cheeses, wines, sandwiches, meats, breads, fresh produce, coffees, paella, cooked seafood, raw seafood… pretty much everything you can think of. We discovered the most amazing place for oysters, they were HUGE!! 🙂


6. High Tea at Ladurée in Harrods 

If you haven’t yet read about my high tea experience at LadurĂ©e in Hong Kong and what is the perfect macaron, click here. There’s something about going for high tea in London, maybe because the idea is so very English and where is the best place to do it other than where it all started? Harrods is a must, even if you can’t afford anything in there but just to have a stroll and take in all the wonderful things there are in this world, but high tea at LadurĂ©e is a must, their hot chocolate is out of this world!


7. Leicester Square

Also known as “Theatreland” bearing the statue of William Shakespeare in the middle of the square, if you want to watch anything theatrical, you know where to go. Plus, M&M World is there and it’s bigger than the store in New York!


8. Westfield Shopping Centre 

If you’re a shopping centre kinda girl and you cannot imagine braving the cold right now, head to Westfield Shopping Centre, every clothing shop you can imagine is there whether luxury brands or high street brands, I wouldn’t give this one a miss.

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