A Week with Ford Ecosport

Hi everyone! The week before last, I had the opportunity to test out the Ford Ecosport for a week. Firstly, it’s my first time testing out a SUV and secondly, it’s also my first time testing a Ford. The gentlemen from Ford dropped off a blue Ford Ecosport on Tuesday 3rd March and I had the car till Tuesday 10 March, which gave me plenty time to experience it. The car came all clean and shiny, with a full tank of petrol, I must say I was excited but nervous at the same time. I was nervous because I’m used to driving an automatic for the last 2 years and the Ford Ecosport was a manual (clutch control to the max!).


As soon as the car was delivered to me, I took it out with me for lunch. Surprisingly, the Ecosport was very easy to drive, it is a petrol car and the engine is 1.5L which is smaller than what I’m used to. The steering wheel is very light, I could have done a three point turn with 2 fingers! 😀 The one thing I loved about the Ecosport is the nifty SYNC function, you pair your smartphone via bluetooth to the car once and every single time you hop into the car, it will sync automatically. You also have the option to download your phonebook onto the system of the car and thereafter, receiving and making a call is literally a button away from the dashboard and steering wheel, it’s that convenient. Not only will you be able to keep track of the battery life and the signal of your cellphone, but every time you make a call, the display is live on the screen of your dashboard.


What made it even better for me is that the Ecosport didn’t only have a normal parking sensor with the beeps but when you put the car into reverse gear, it display automatically shows you how far you are from the objects behind you and from which direction!



All in all, I think it’s a great car especially for young moms, students and those who have an active lifestyle and always on the go. The boot is very spacious and you can move the backseats forward depending on what you’re trying to fit into the boot, may it be luggage, sport equipment, camping equipment or even your fur children. It even fits me! 🙂

IMG_6651 IMG_6639 IMG_6630 IMG_6656

For more information, check out their link by clicking here.

With love…xxx 

Health Outing at Angelberry

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a well-rested weekend! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Last week, we went to a little gem of a place in Midrand, called Angelberry. Angelberry is a UK brand of frozen yogurt and they offer a selection of flavours and toppings. You can pretty much have it any way you prefer, in a cup, in a cone, you can have it blended… and the best part is that it is healthy! Not only can you keep track of how many calories you are consuming with their nifty nutrition information guide but you can listen to your favourite tunes while you’re enjoying your frozen yogurt!

Where is this heavenly place you may ask? It is on the upper level of Kyalami on Main, Midrand. There’s a PnP in the centre, as well as a food lovers and also next door there is a doggy parlour.














If you’re in the area, pay them a little visit and treat yourself to some fro-yo!

What I’m wearing: 

Top by Witchery

Pants by Zara

Shoes by Zara

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Backstage with MAC at MBFW15

Happy Friday my loves! As promised, here are some of the pictures we took backstage at MBFW15, thank you to the MAC family for being so welcoming always! I remember back in the day when I was small, the closest thing to backstage at a fashion show was on Fashion TV, where the cameras will explore the latest makeup trends backstage, speak to the makeup artists and the models. I have been privileged to explore backstage again this year and take pictures of the ins and outs backstage, where all the magic really happens at Fashion Week. I’m so glad to have spoken to 2 of my favourites, Keagan and Michelle (MAC’s senior makeup artists), they always have tips to share! 🙂 It’s absolutely amazing to see all the artists at work, hope you enjoy the photos!IMG_6576










This that what you expected from backstage?

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