LoveMaryLu Valentines Wishlist 2015

With 8 more days till our favourite “holiday”, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to write up a wishlist again! By now, you probably already know how I feel about wish lists, there are just too many beautiful things in this world that I constantly crave for. I have an enormous appetite for luxury and non-luxury items of all scents and colours but when I don’t want or like something, you will know because I will always tell you so.

With Valentines Day around the corner (please don’t hate me singletons, take it as a gift idea to treat yourself or your mom if you must), here is my Valentines Wishlist 2015. Valentines has always been one of my favourite “holidays” although it’s not an official holiday but I’ve always found it to be rather delightful. Just an excuse to spoil your loved one and make it something special, a better excuse to put on something cute and sexy really and to wear my favourite colour with no shame – pink! 🙂


In order from left to right, from top to bottom, here is my wishlist this year:

1. Lorna Jane 

I really don’t mind getting gym clothes for any occasion, it’s romantic if it pink!

2. Tiffany & Co Hearts earrings

The collection is “Hearts” which I think is very appropriate for the occasion, a diamond is a girl’s best friend.

3. Moet et Chandon

No one can ever say no to bubbly, especially when it’s extra sweet and delicious.

4. Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum 

It’s not a Valentines wish list without a Valentino. With the perfect amount of sweetness and floral notes, this fragrance is no short of “I love you” this Valentines Day.

5. Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette

With a sleek, gold packaging, dynamite truly do come in small packages. Say hello to beautiful eyes and groomed brows.

6. Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that a wish list isn’t complete without a Louis. I’ve swapped the typical bag for a shawl this time. Mixed with the perfect amount of silk and wool, this will not only keep you warm at night but will keep you in the centre of envy.

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet Valentines Wish List!

With love…xxx

Lookbook: A Day At The Stadium

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday and hope you’re all having a great week so far! It’s my first time shooting for my blog here in beautiful Durban and we went to the Moses Mabhida Stadium yesterday. It was the most beautiful day here in Durbs because if you’ve been to Durban before, you know how the weather can be especially in summer. On the day we arrived, it was cold and rainy, the rain lasted for 2 days before we saw some sun.

Of course I would jump at the opportunity to take some photos for my blog, which reminds me, I have yet to post about my Cape Town trip! Since it was pretty hot, I decided to wear shorts (short shorts) and a beautiful flowy top I got from Sissy Boy years ago. With the right amount of casual, I just couldn’t leave the house without my Converse All Stars, they’re just so versatile and no matter what colours I buy, I always end up leaving the house with my white classics.













Hope you enjoyed the photos and the last one is just breathtaking! I hope this will leave me some time to go to the beach during my two weeks stay here!

What I’m wearing: 

Top from Sissy Boy

Shorts from H&M

Bag by Michael Kors

Converse All Stars sneakers

Nomination bracelet

Pandora bracelet

With love…xxx

Lookbook: Modern Gypsy

Happy Monday my loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I personally had quite a stressful and exciting week last week, which I will address later on my blog in another blog post.

I have a pretty busy February ahead, I figured that I should give you all a heads up just in case I go quiet again. I’m currently in Durban to see my parents and for the first time in 2 years I’ll be spending 2 whole, consecutive weeks with my family! I’m extremely excited about that because if you’ve been following my blog and social media for some time, you will know that I only take leave if and when I plan an overseas trip. Then on Valentines Day I’ll be flying over to Cape Town to meet E where he has a surprise planned for us that day. 😀 Yes I am literally saying “eeeeeeeeeeeeeek” as I type this and I have goosebumps all over because last year for Valentines Day, I remember saying that I wished that I could fly to Cape Town for that day and eat at my favourite restaurant – Nobu. This is a dream come true this year and I shall update everyone when it comes. Then I’ll be staying in Cape Town till 23rd Feb, then I’ll be making my way back home, to JHB.

During that time I’m away I’ll try squeeze in as many posts as I can and just give everyone a quick update on what I’m up to. Which reminds me, I’m still to do a quick post on the past weekend in Cape Town. We didn’t take the camera, which is a bummer but I still managed to capture some photos with my phone (oh well!).

I’m absolutely in love with this sheer, lacey, floral kaftan cross cardi… It’s so feminine and versatile. Hope you enjoy the photos!












Let me know what you think of this outfit!

What I’m wearing: 

Vest from Mango

Leggings from Cotton On

Kaftan from Forever 21

Sandals from ALDO

Michael Kors handbag

Necklace from Forever New

Earrings from boutique in Hong Kong

Vivienne Westwood sunnies

With love…xxx