5 Ways to Enhance Your Concert Experience

Hi everyone! As many of you may know, John Legend was recently in SA and E somehow managed to get us tickets to his concert. Personally I’m not really a fan of concerts because of how many people there always are and it can be quite stressful with how messy it can be. I’ve only been to two concerts my whole life, the first one is Rihanna (we got seated tickets as close to the front as possible) and also John Legend. John Legend was even better because we were sitting 2 blocks from the front of the stage and right in the middle. What impressed me even more was John Legend himself, he had such an incredible stage presence, plus he’s so incredibly talented with the piano, he didn’t even need notes, everything was by memory. It was by far one of the best experiences (coming from someone who doesn’t like concerts). I think after how traumatised I was about going to Rihanna (it wasn’t a bad experience but there’s definitely room for improvement), I’ve gathered some tips to share with you on 5 ways to enhance your concert experience.


1. Wear comfortable shoes 

I’m not a standing or golden circle kinda girl but even seated I’ve learned that shoes is very important. Heels and sandals is definitely a no no for me, not only for the fear of someone stomping on your feet but also people spill drinks on the floor all the time. At John Legend, someone spilt his whole cup of beer on the floor behind me and the beer started running down and past my seat and by the end of the concert, I was surrounded by a pool of beer, thank goodness for Converse!


2. Wear something that will keep you warm outside but won’t sweat you out inside 

Sounds too good to be true? I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t wear something ridiculously tiny in case you get too hot inside but have to hold onto a jacket the whole night. It’s always going to be a little chilly at night so try one layer and long sleeves. You can always dress that up with a pretty statement necklace.


3. Don’t carry a big handbag 

I had a small sling bag with me that night, it literally only fits my cellphone, a lip balm, some money and credit cards. From looking at the suffering of other ladies that night, trust me, you don’t want to carry a big bag with you and then having to put that baby on the floor or even worse, having it on your lap the whole night.


4. Organise a lift club or just take Uber 

This has absolutely nothing to do with drinking but if you are drinking, then there’s more of a reason why you shouldn’t be driving to and from the concert. We didn’t have not even one sip of alcohol that night but we got an Uber to and from the concert because we didn’t want to worry about traffic, parking and we wanted to get there just before he was coming on. Plus, it’s always a treat to be sitting at the back seat and being chauffeured around! It literally took us 30min to get to the Coca Cola Dome and also to get back home. We ordered an Uber as the concert finished and probably waited for 15min, which isn’t so bad considering it took people an hour to get out the  parking.


5. Download the set list and learn the songs

This is an obvious one but I think it’s pretty important to at least have heard of the songs the artist is performing. The setlist is generally not released officially but there are websites that keep a record of the set list from concerts in other countries of the same tour. You should check out www.setlist.fm



I didn’t take that many photos at John Legend but I hope you enjoy this post and the pictures anyway! 🙂

With love…xxx

10 Signs that you’re a working girl

Student life and working life are in fact worlds apart, there’s a hell of a lot of adjustments to be made and remember how as a student, you would use the 2 words “I’m bored”?!? Well… life of a working girl leaves you scrambling for time while trying to maintain ourselves as women. I’ve personally had these struggles and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with first hand experience. Here are 10 signs that you’re a working girl, in no particular order.


1. If I can’t wear for work as well then I’m not buying it

So for the last 2 years that I’ve been working, I’ve unfortunately adopted the mentality that if I see something nice at the store and I can’t wear it for work, may it be too short or just inappropriate (like a t-shirt or something) then most often than not, I put the bad boy down! My best purchases end up being something I can wear in the office and also on the weekend, how sad!


2. My biggest life decision during the weekday is what to eat for lunch

We all start off being a little too enthusiastic, waking up an extra 30min early in the mornings to prepare lunch for the same day but that doesn’t last long enough unfortunately. So at 11am, I often find myself at the pit of grief because I can’t seem to decide on what to eat for lunch. Sure, there’s food available at the canteen, or at Nandos, or at Simply Asia, or at Kauai but there’s only so much of it you can eat before you start gagging at the thought of even going to those places.. and lets just leave the food at the canteen, in the canteen, shall we?


3. I never thought I was capable of hating a day of the week till I started working

Self-pity on Monday mornings is almost like a ritual to me, as well as Sunday blues obviously, those two go hand in hand. This one is self explanatory really.


4. Thursday night is for anything but partying

Remember the good old days when Thursday night out are called “student night” and with that came a cheap (and shitty) drinks on offer EVERYWHERE. Well Thursday nights are still called “student nights”, bars and clubs still have cheap (and shitty) drinks on offer but the only difference is that I wouldn’t know because I don’t go out on Thursday nights anymore. Thursday nights nowadays are spent going to the gym and saving that last bit of energy I have left to survive Friday.


5. Being a house wife suddenly doesn’t sound like a bad idea

Not putting any house wives down, of course looking after the house and taking care of kids is in fact a full time job and I’m sure that it doesn’t come with any less hard work than working as a professional. Now that I’m working, I suddenly see how attractive being a stay-at-home mom can be. Thank you universe for showing me the light!


6. You start using the world’s worst excuse “I don’t have time”

I never quite understood when people said “I don’t have time” because I believe that you can always make time for something if it matters to you. Well actually I still think that way but I finally can relate to those who use the dreaded “I don’t have time” excuse because all of a sudden, you have to make time to do the things that used to come second nature to you. Things like doing the laundry, cooking, going to the gym, taking our dog to the vet, going to the bank… sound familiar?


7. You actually make use of the calendar on outlook

Yes, the calendar does a lot more than just checking when the next public holiday is or what days Christmas and New Years fall on. Calendars suddenly become vital for meeting requests, reminders and other nifty scheduling assistance tools that you never even knew existed.


8. Privacy settings on social media has become your best friend

If you were ever young once then I have no doubt that there are embarrassing (to say the least) photos of you on social media. Unlike before where you had not a care in the world, you suddenly panic when your friend calls you up to give you a flashback of the epic weekend you had, where your memory seems to have failed you somehow. This is when you go on Facebook and beef up those privacy and security settings! When in doubt then just block, rather be safe than sorry.


9. You think twice before recklessly adopting a 4-legged fur ball you find on any corner of the street

Being a huge animal lover myself, I often find myself wanting to mother every stray I see on the street but now that I’m working, I think twice before I decide to take on the responsibility of mothering any animals. The main reason is that I’m never at home so it would be terribly unfair to the animals and plus how am I expected to take of anything else when I barely have time to take care of myself?


10. Getting your nails done has become a chore

Remember when we use to take pleasure in painting our own nails (ok I lie, I’ve never taken joy in painting my own nails). I used to love heading to my favourite salon to get my nails done, I still do to a certain extent except now it feels more like a chore because I have so much admin to do already on Saturdays and Sundays and taking 90min out of my day to get my nails done is just not ideal. Plus what about monthly facials, bi-weekly pedicures and bi-monthly hair trims??


Do you relate to any of the above? Then you’re definitely a working girl. I enjoy writing something light-hearted and fun every now and then, I hope this made you laugh and let’s keep it light hearted shall we?

With love…xxx

Travel: New York City Photo Diaries

Hi everyone! Here are some of the pictures that were taken on my recent travel to New York City, keep a look out for the Washington DC post soon. 🙂



















































We stayed at the W Hotel in Times Square. I won’t be doing a review this time because I never actually took photos of the hotel. Rest assured, best location and most amazing hotel! Our room was looking into Times Square.










Concluding our night with the Halloween parade in New York! What an amazing experience! I know many of you have been looking forward to a New York haul but I promise that I will get to it, I’m thinking of doing a video instead of a blog post, yes I do have THAT MUCH to talk about (email me or comment below to let me know your thoughts??). Watch this space! Hope you enjoyed my New York Photo Diary!

With love…xxx