Lookbook: Backless Lace

I absolutely love this backless lace, navy blue one piece! Unfortunately I’ve only managed to wear it twice since I bought it in April, the first time was to Taste of Joburg at Monte Casino and the second time this past weekend. You can dress this up or down and it’s perfect for those hot summer days! I paired this up with my black strappy heels and my LV Sling Bag. This outfit is perfect for cocktail sundowners going onto the night for a great dinner and then dancing the night away. Hope you enjoy the pictures!









IMG_4396 IMG_4398




What I was wearing: 

Jumpsuit from H&M

Heels from Aldo

Louis Vuitton Favourite Bag

Vivienne Westwood Sunnies

Lifestyle: Watermelon Cooler Recipes

HAPPY FRIDAY! You probably could see from my post on the Fourways Farmers Market that I was totally enjoying my watermelon cocktail so here’s a recipe of my own so that you can make it at home. Below I’ve included both an alcohol-free (and also low in calories) recipe as well as an alcoholic recipe (the one that they used in our cocktail at the Fourways Farmers Market):



2 Serving jars

Fresh watermelon

Crushed ice

Sparkling water

Maple syrup





1. If you have a blender or juicer, prepare about 250ml of watermelon juice. Of course, it’s always better to have more than less, you can always store and refrigerate the left overs for another time. If you have a blender, blend the watermelon until smooth then strain it using a strainer to remove the pulp.

2. Add 125ml of the fresh watermelon juice in each jar and add the crushed ice.

3. Stir in a teaspoon of maple syrup per jar.

4. Grate about a teaspoon of ginger into each jar.

5. Add basil and mint leaves (adjust to your liking).

6. Top up with sparkling water and enjoy!



2 Serving jars

Fresh watermelon

Ice cubes

Crushed ice

Ginger beer (Stoney)

A generous shot of vodka (I prefer Absolut Vodka)

Mint leaves



1. Place chunks of watermelon at the bottom of your serving jar and roughly crush it.

2. Add 2-3 ice cubes.

3. Pour in a generous shot of Vodka.

4. Add a few mint leaves and a wedge of lime.

5. Fill the jar with crushed ice.

6. Top up with ginger bear, serve and enjoy! 🙂

I’m always huge on presentation so if you like, you can cut the watermelon peel to make stirers or cut chunks of watermelon and place it at the bottom of the jar for the alcohol-free recipe.

Have fun and be experimental! What are your favourite summer recipes?

With love…xxx

Beauty: Summer Hair Tips

Hi everyone! Now that Summer is drawing closer and closer (can you feel the heat?!?!), I figured that it is a good time to post some hair tips because prevention is definitely better than cure. Especially with the Summer months coming, we’re all so busy planning outdoor activities and just enjoying the sunshine, we tend to neglect and forget about our tresses. Here are my summer hair tips:

shower waste

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday 

I know that with the warmer days, we sweat more and feel super yucky at the end of the day and all we want to do is to scrub ourselves from head to toe. Trust me, your scalp produces natural oils that nourishes and protects your hair and scalp.  Unless you’ve been doing intense exercises everyday where your hair looks soaked at the end of it, do your hair a favour and don’t shampoo everyday. Plus the more you shampoo it, the more oil it produces because of how dry your scalp is, it’s really just a viscous cycle.


2. Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

You should never stop using deep conditioning treatments just because Winter is over. Your hair probably needs it more than ever in Summer because of the amount of time spent outdoors under the sun. Try getting a treatment with UV protection. If you have oily scalp and hair, don’t apply the treatment on your scalp, apply it from your ears down. A great one that I’m currently using and loving is the Kérastase Elixir Ultime hair mask.


3. Use Leave-In Hair Treatments with UV Protection 

As much as our skin needs SPF and UV protection, so does our hair. Prevention definitely better than cure so in order to avoid, sun damaged, dry and fizzled hair, make sure you get yourself some leave-in sprays and serums with UV protection.


4. Wear Sun Hats 

This may be an over-kill now but sun hats can be totally stylish and protects what is important i.e. your face, neck and hair. Do it!


5. Rinse After a Swim 

For those who are fortunate enough living by the ocean, I know that we all enjoy a day at the beach then off straight to dinner or party the night away. Before you go anywhere, make sure you rinse your tresses, salt water sucks all the moisture out of your hair so make sure you rinse it before you go anywhere. Same goes for those who swim in a pool, I don’t need to tell you how bad chlorine is for your hair. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and apply a leave-in conditioning treatment.

Remember that the only way to get rid of damaged hair is to snip it off, once it splits, you cannot amend so look after them this summer!

With love…xxx