Lookbook: Winter Layers

Hi everyone! I’ve recently come back from Cape Town for work over a week ago, I was there from Tuesday till Friday evening so I haven’t really had time to post or anything. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the weather in the Cape, it was absolutely beautiful the days that I was there as the sky was blue and not a cloud in the sky. It was so warm and lovely even though I spent most of my time indoors during the day. However, when I got back to Joburg, that was a different story as the weather was rather gloomy and it was surprisingly cold. So I figured that I should really use that opportunity to layer it up and take full advantage of my new Steve Madden booties that I purchased in Taiwan. 🙂









Thank you for reading! 🙂

What I was wearing:

Long sleeve top from Uniqlo

Cardi from Forever 21

Skorts from H&M

Steve Madden booties

With love…xxx

Lifestyle: Cornuti Restaurant Review

Hi everyone! While Joburg was spitting with rain the whole weekend last week, we decided to have Sunday lunch at Cornuti so I took this opportunity to take some pictures and do another restaurant review. It’s not my first time at this cosy Italian restaurant so when I arrived, I knew exactly what I wanted to order. The staff were all friendly and to our surprise, the restaurant was particularly full. Each restaurant gives you a particular feel towards it and Cornuti is definitely the type of restaurant you would want to spend a rainy afternoon eating wonderful Italian food. I must admit however, we waited for almost an hour for our food, which it wasn’t impressed with but otherwise I definitely recommend this little gem in Illovo. We had Beef Lasagne, which I thought was pretty average but my linguine with tiger prawns was absolutely delicious!








Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thank you so much for reading!

With love…xxx

Beauty: The Face Mask Queen

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far! :)If you follow me on any social network platforms (i.e. Twitter and Instagram), I often speak about using face masks or my “face mask night”. Face masks are an essential to my beauty routine, it makes my skin smooth, supple and soft! I started using face masks just over 3 years ago and I really feel as if it’s a staple and I can’t live without it. I’m sure many of you have experimented with face masks or mud masks in the past. However, I’m not speaking mud masks or anything that’s held in a “tub” which you have to smear on your face and wash off after some time. I’m talking about face masks the Asian way where there’s a thin sheet covered with all the good gooey stuff in a thin packet. Each packet is one application and you leave the thin sheet on your face for about 15-20min and no rinsing off is necessary.



These types of face masks are super popular in Asia because they’re easy to use, no mess and no rinsing off after. You simply remove the sheet and massage the product into your skin and voila! I normally do them at night before I sleep because it takes slightly longer for the product to completely absorb and if you’re looking to apply makeup and go somewhere, it may still leave a sticky residue.



The purpose of face masks is to give your skin the nurtrient boost it needs every once in a while. Just like hair masks, they’re usually thicker than conditioner and packed with nutrients for your hair. Your hair will come out softer and shinier after a hair mask and equally your skin will be smoother and softer after a face mask. I received some face masks to try from Skin Republic and Cettua, which I a sure many of you have seen available locally. I’ve included some photos but I will do a full review a bit later after I’ve tried and tested all of the ones I have. 🙂



A good face mask will always cater for people with sensitive skin. If you have dry and sensitive skin like I do, it shouldn’t sting or hurt when the product touches your face. I used to use the Vitamin E Face Mask by The Body Shop back in the day and although it’s for dry and sensitive skin, it would sting everytime I applied it to my dry areas, such as my nose and around my mouth. It was terrible! Although it did relieve me from dry skin temporarily, I did not ever go back to it!



I’ve been rather experimental with face masks but I stick to the same type, which are the sheet masks. There are plenty different brands to choose from in Asia and the goods ones are generally Korean. A good face mask will give your face that boost which leaves your skin smooth and radiant. I’ve often given my face masks to others to try around me and I’ve always gotten back the same response: “I felt that my skin was more radiant in the morning!”






I got the Faith in Face masks for Xmas last year from E’s sister. Totally in love with them! If you haven’t already started using face masks or it isn’t part of your routine yet, you should definitely give it a try! Look out for my reviews later of the sheet masks from Skin Republic and Cettua, which are currently the only brands available here in South Africa that I know of anyways. Thank you for reading!

With love…xxx